Annie\'s Homegrown Products?


Does anyone buy Annie's products? We love them; however, they have added a shared equiptment warning. We have been eating the products for a couple of years with no problems and they have not changed any recipes. On the site they say they have very a strigent cleaning process for the equipment. I feel pretty confident. Any thoughts?


On Jul 6, 2006

We eat Annie's ALL the time, but we do stick to their safe list (pn-free items).

Here's a cut/paste of NOT PN-FREE FACILITY items from their website ([url][/url]):

Currently, the majority of Annie's products are packaged in peanut-free facilities. Here is a list of products that are produced in a facility that also manufactures products containing peanuts and tree nuts:

Annie's Cheddar Bunny Snack Crackers: * Cheddar * BBQ * Ranch * Whole Wheat Annie's Bunny Grahams: * Chocolate * Cinnamon * Honey Annie's Micro Mac: * White Cheddar * Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Annie's Organic Side Dishes: * Cheddar & Broccoli Rice * Pasta Parmesan * Roasted Garlic & Herb Rice * Roasted Garlic & Herb Pasta * Fettuccine Alfredo * Butter & Herb Pasta

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