Posted on: Mon, 08/16/1999 - 1:27am
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Hi, someone told me that since my son is allergic to nuts, he could have a problem with annatto as well? Is it in the nut family? If anyone knows what this is, please let me know!

Posted on: Mon, 08/16/1999 - 1:48am
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pHi, Patty./p
pAnnatto is a natural food colouring derived from the seeds of the Achiote tree (Bixa orellana), it is often used in cheese and other orange-coloured foods. /p
pI don't know whether or not it cross-reacts with peanuts or nuts. I have, however, had mild reactions upon eating sliced orange processed cheese with annatto listed as an ingredient./p
pHere are a few URLs that discuss annatto./p
p[url=""][/url]br /
p(Food Colorants: An Overview of Red 40 and Annatto)/p
pAlso, here's a great resource page which lists most or all plant food families and their relatives. Annatto is listed on it, with a note that it can cause allergic reactions:/p
pGood luck!/p
p[This message has been edited by Anna (edited August 16, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 5:30am
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pMy 3 year old PA son seems to be reacting to any food containing annatto. He gets suddenly sleepy and complains of severe stomach cramps. This seems to last for about 20 minutes. I searched through the sites suggested in the above posts regarding annatto, but found nothing suggesting a link to peanuts. We now avoid all foods with annatto, but I'm curious to see if anyone else out there has had similar reactions./p

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 7:27am
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pThis is an interesting thread. My daughter has outgrown her severe milk allergy, but then developed PA. When she was starting to tolerate milk better, we started trying her on dairy products, such as cheese. The ONLY cheese that made her break out in hives was orange processed cheese. Real cheddar, mozarella, swiss - no problem. I wonder if the hives were from some link with her PA./p

Posted on: Sun, 07/14/2002 - 12:09pm
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pI would really love any information anybody has on Annatto? My PA son has never had a reaction since we found out about his PA, but I he eats alot of food with Annatto like cheese and ice cream but lately I've been trying to find out if there is a link between the PA and Annatto, I suppose a few people would say that if it doesn't bother him, What am I worried about? but obviously I don't want to take any chances. If there is anybody out there who has some information on this I would be so thankful. And one more ? whats the deal with natural flavoring? I have heard so many conflicting arguments? Help, this allergy can be sooooooo confusing./p

Posted on: Sun, 07/14/2002 - 10:53pm
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pI'm curious about this. Andre (my PA son) eats Pepperidge Farm cheddar flavor goldfish crackers all the time with no problem, and Annato is listed in the ingredients. I believe he has also had other foods that contain Annato with no problems. If anyone finds out more info, I would be interested to know./p
p------------------br /
Susanbr /
Andre's Mom/p

Posted on: Mon, 07/15/2002 - 2:01am
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pMy son eats products with this in it daily with no reactions noted. However, I do remember worrying about it after he was first diagnosed. Hopefully, there is not a link.../p

Posted on: Wed, 07/23/2014 - 10:26am
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pMy daughter has had PN/TN allergies for 3 yrs, and suddenly has developed allergy to annatto over the last 2 weeks. She has complained of itchy throat and ears +/- abdominal pain immediately after eating cheddar cheese, Sunchips cheddar cheese variety, and Kellogg's Krave cereal. We will begetting her skin prick testing done to it next week. Interestingly, she also has complained of the same symptoms after eating raw carrots in the last week, so we will skin test her for that, too. It turns our annatto contains caroteinoids or plant pigments, the same as carrots do. Also, annatto is a seed, and some people PN/TN allergy have trouble tolerating some seeds. My allergist said one can develop an allergy to any thing that has a protein in it. So if the annatto has a protein, it could be the culprit. We will define this for sure after her test. She may be developing Oral Allergy Syndrome, which is allergy to birch tree pollen, and can cross-react with hazelnuts and peanuts, as well as several fruits and vegetables./p

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