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Hi, I need your help. I am a mom who does not have a child with a peanut allergy but I purchase the animal crackers for our church nursery and toddler kids. Our church has a peanut free requirement in that no snacks given to children at the church may contain peanuts. The rooms of the nursery and toddlers can not have any type of nut products brought into them either. We have been buying No Name Animal Crackers from Superstore and they do not contain, nut products, milk, eggs, soy, or whey. Now they are not carrying them and have replaced them with PC Zookies. Again the cookies do not contain these products but there is a disclaimer that states "May contain milk, eggs, soy or seseme" I've been told that seseme is an allergen that is closely related to peanuts. I have called the company and they said they are in the process of changing packaging that is mandated by the government by 2006. My understanding is that the product line is clean but other nut, milk, eggs,and soy products are made there. I mentioned that the packaging of the previous cookies did not mention this disclaimer as well as their current PC Arrowroot biscuits but my understanding is that those label on the Arrowroot biscuits will change soon too. It is important that we keep our kids safe but I'm at a loss as to where to turn. Does anyone have any safe brands of animal crackers that they will feed to their kids??? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

On Dec 8, 2004

I'm not certain as we haven't bought any cookies since DS was diagnosed with PA. I do recall looking at the labels before because he couldn't have peanut products at his play group. The Barnum animal crackers were fine (I think that's what they were called) the brightly colored bag. I hope someone else can help you better than I can.

On Dec 12, 2004

First, may I say WOW! As a Mom to a 4 1/2 year old PA daughter, I appreciate the great lengths you are going to in order to keep a child safe. I truly wished the world was filled with people like you.

I cannot help you on a safe animal cracker brand - my comfort zone does not allow my daughter to consume ANY baked goods that I did not bake myself. However, if the PA child in your church has been consuming the other animal crackers based on label info alone - then I think the parents may have a looser comfort zone. Not that this is a bad thing - just different from myself.

That being said, unless other allergies are involved, I do not think the sesame would pose a problem. I have not read of a sesame/peanut link. Peanuts are legumes and most closely related to beans, soy, etc. I *think* sesame is just one of those foods that more and more people are becoming allergic to. I could be off base here, so someone step in.

As a Mom to a PA child, if someone brought in a box of cookies with the warning you mentioned (AND I NORMALLY ALLOWED MY CHILD TO EAT LABELED BAKED ITEMS), and spoke with the manufacturer (!), then I would not be concerned with the sesame aspect.

You are a wonderful person. Thank you for keeping the children in your life safe.


On Dec 12, 2004

My DS who is peanut/cashew allergic eats the Barnum Animal Crackers with no problem. We haven't tried the brand you mentioned,but my son doesn't have a problem with sesame. He has the buns and stuff with the oil in it. I don't know if that's safe or not, but he's never had a problem with sesame.However, their are others who are allergic to both, so I would be careful.If I could choose the brand, it would be the Barnum's. Hope this helps.

On Dec 12, 2004

Thank you so much for being so caring and going out of your way to find safe foods.

My son is allergic to peanuts, nuts, sesame, sunflower and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

On the occasion that we get animal crackers we buy the Nabisco Barnum ones. The come in a small colorful box and a bag. So far we have not had any problem with them.

I have heard that a significant # of folks allergic to peanuts are also allergic to sesame. Some folks avoid sesame to play it extra safe and others don't. It is a comfort zone decision. However, if you have a choice...I would recommend getting items without sesame for preschoolers, to be on the extra safe side.

On Mar 16, 2005

Hey, You need to read on the labels because I do know that there are some animal crackers that do cotain peanuts. I have to read all labels because I have a child with peanut allergy and I was shocked when I found out that some animal cracker boxes had warning labels about peanuts. Hope this helps!!!!!

On Mar 16, 2005

Gerber Animal crackers are peanut/tree nut free.

On Apr 23, 2005

Where are you able to find Gerber animal crackers? Are they usually in baby section or in regular cookie aisle?

We are in US, Texas (small town, 1 grocery store). Haven't seen these here, but now they are on my San Antonio shopping list!

Thanks, EB

On Apr 24, 2005

I would go back to the parents of the allergic child, and ask them if they are happy with the label. The only difficulty I would see with this would be if you have more than one child with food allergies !

Then perhaps its time to think of something different. whats wrong with parents donating fruit? Have a nice fruit bowl with a sign asking for donations? far healthier IMO. ( of course ask about fruit allergies !!)

best of luck sarah

On May 18, 2005

Gerber Aninal Crackers are in the baby food isle together with all gerber baby food products.

On Aug 6, 2005

I use to think Stauffer's Animal Crackers were safe. THEY ARE NOT! Their new labels read "may contain trace amount of peanuts or tree nuts."

On Aug 7, 2005

There may be different labeling or warnings on different size products, too. I remember shortly after ds's dx giving animal crackers in a small "circus animal" caravan kind of box w/out reading the label b/c he had them from a big box w/ no problem. What I didn't know then!!! Only after his reaction did I discover the same items labeled differently in different sizes. Can't remember the brand it was.