anderson pretzel mini


i always concidered anderson pretzles safe, so i stoped reading the lable. today while im packing my sons safe snack for sunday school, i glance down and right there on the lable , processed in a plant that uses peanut butter! i feel so stupid. he has been eating them all week. what if....????? im such a jerk. should have read the lable. thank god he isnt ana. what if something had happend at the sitters?? stupid, stupid stupid... erin [img][/img]

On Sep 16, 2007

The Anderson pretzels around us have had a warning for at least a year. I think they make some kind of sandwich pretzel.

Don't beat yourself up over it! We all do it!

On Sep 16, 2007

a year!

i usualy get the a b c ones, ill look next time im at the store, i wonder if they have the warning on them...

On Sep 16, 2007

I only remember this b/c my son's went to use them in a project earlier last school year and we came across the warning then. I'm pretty sure it was Anderson. I know Snyder's has one, too.

Maybe the warning hit different areas of the country at different times. Don't worry!