and i thought just pn free recipes were bad enough...

Posted on: Sat, 08/09/2003 - 2:08am
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well, i've joined the "club". no eggs, or soy for any of us, please! i used to read this forum and kind of barely skim over the egg free recipes, and say to myself "how do they do it", but here i am. i'm sorry, kind of depressed and overwhelmed right now . i just went through my pantry and had to get rid of almost everything because of the new allergies that we found in his skin test. now i regret not paying more attention. now i get to cook from scratch, but at least we will all eat more healthy. my husband and i have been trying for a long time, but always fall back to the junk food. not an option for us anymore becasue i will not eat it in front on my son if he wants but can not have it.

mommy to gabriel 11-25-00
who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, grape, potato, rice, soybean, and tomato
and michael 6-16-03
exclusively breastfed

step mom to:
isaiah 06-18-96
rebekah 09-13-97

Posted on: Sat, 08/09/2003 - 4:57am
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welcome to my world!!!!!
Cooking from scratch every day, trying to find meals that will suit everyone.
daily nightmare!!!
Son has allergies to peanuts , egg, all beans ( kidney beans/chick peas etc etc) kiwi fruit ( easy to avoid , that one!) and other tiresome envronmental allergies, which require a firm grip on sons face when I give him his nasel spray.....hmmmm, and the eye drops..............well, I have not recovered from the bruises he gives me on my legs, but am developing a thicker skin on shins!
Here are the needs of my family,I have four kids, and one husband .........couldnt cope with more than that!!!
Three children have tendency to put on fat, allergic child a little underweight, hubby needs low colestrol and low salt diet. I am on a diet.
So evening meals low fat for some, high fat for one, free of allergens, salt , etc etc.
I stick to meat and three veg....which can be oh, so BORING!
this week I have made, pork with pineapple and rice and veg, honey roasted chicken and boiled potatos and veg , turkey stir fry and egg free noodles, The BBQ was easy as hubby did that!!! , well.....he burnt the sausages, but thats not going to kill us is it?!!!
Just take one day at a time, it takes a while to get used to food shopping as you add the extra allergies, but that two will get better as time goes on.
The best thing with children is that they sometimes grow out of some of their allergies. So dont think that things will be like this forever.
I find that the peanut/bean avoidance is easier than any other allergies , so perhaps its just as well that those are the ones that he is never going to grow out of!
Best of luck,

Posted on: Sat, 08/09/2003 - 7:10am
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What brand and where did you find the egg free noodles?

Posted on: Sun, 08/10/2003 - 10:19am
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Baking is the hardest part of avoiding eggs, but I have found some recipes that work better than others and some are actually fabulous. There are many posted in these recipe threads. The soy seems the hardest of your list, since it can hide in many products that are processed(soups, hot dogs and such). We actually do not use those things presently anyway(picky eater as well). I think simple, fresh meats and poultry seem the easiest route(veggies and fruits) with multiple allergies. Then find a good brand of pasta or starch that is allergen free for you. If a need for a recipe pops up, just post and ask. becca

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