anaphylaxis vs croup


My son who is almost 4 is ana to peanuts. He has a history of reactive airway disease and has had croup numerous times. The past couple days he had a runny nose and cough, then last night he did the whole seal barking cough, not breathing, wheezy. I immediately just assumed croup, gave him albuterol and headed to the ER. Earlier his legs were a little rashy but we couldn't figure out what would have caused it. When he started the coughing though his whole body seemed a bit rashy and his face was puffy and he had almost like burst blood vessel looking spots on the skin underneath his eyes. I was thinking it was because he was crying and coughing. FF to the ER, they did another albuterol treatment, said it sounded like croup, gave him a steroid treatment and put him on antibiotics because it looked like his ear was infected. They didn't seem to think it was allergic. When I got home he still looked rashy so I gave him benedryl. Since we had been home all day and there is nothing here that was new or had pb I assumed it was just something else. Then this morning my other son told me that he had peanut butter at school yesterday! So now I am thinking that maybe it was anaphylaxsis. I just don't know what to think. My other kids try really hard if they have pb somewhere else to clean up etc... but school can be crazy and I am not there to monitor. Anyhow this morning he seems fine, although the little bloodspots under the eye are still there. I don't know what to think, and I am always worried I am doing the wrong thing! Any opinions? Thanks a bunch! Christine

By ses1978 on Sep 21, 2010

Allergic reactions of all kinds of severity are possible. The last time I had a CT scan in an ER just before having a kidney stone removed in December, they gave me this stuff to drink that had contrast in it and I had mild problems with it before, some of it has sulfate in it which I am highly allergic to apparently, but I was complaining that it tasted funny and that I felt sick. Then they got me back for the CT scan and gave me the injection and I complained further about feeling sick. Next thing I knew I began to itch on my hands and legs and it even looked like the skin on my hands had been burned off. After the surgery, I complained about the itching and I had already puked three times in effort to feel better from the reaction (first time an allergy had made me that sick) but my breathing was kind of funny and my throat felt swollen. Finally got a Benadryl three hours later and slept solid through the night (considering it was a hospital bed). Next day, noticed that one of my eyes, on the side where the most substantial reaction had occurred was bloody looking. Got in to the on-call eye doctor who said it was a "bruising" of the eye and should go away within two weeks. Fortunately it did not impact vision and it did go away, but that was the scariest allergic reaction I have ever had. At least it occurred in the hospital.

All this to say that it is possible that it could have been an allergic reaction.

But take in consideration if he was outside and if he might be allergic to the grasses as well because some of the symptoms are like what I get with grasses even.

In terms of whether it was allergies, croup or any other condition that could cause cold like symptoms, nothing can be ruled out without a doctor's opinion as we approach cough, cold and flu season again. However, I typically have thought croup was mostly in toddlers and babies?

By Mrsdocrse on Oct 8, 2010

I would check with the allergist.. That certainly sounds like a reaction. Did he have a fever or any other "virius" symtoms.