Anaphylaxis? Treatment?


This allergic reaction was not peanut related, but I get the best advice here. And Anaphylaxis is Anaphylaxis, right? I hope no one minds.

My dad was put on an antibiotic. The next day, he thought he came down with the worst stomach flu he had ever had. The next day he had thousands of hives. I told him I thought he was having an allergic reaction and sent him to the doctor. The doctor agreed.

The doctor put him on Atarax and Prednisone. Do you think that is enough? This was not a hospital, just a walk in clinic as it is a weekend. I'm not sure I feel comfortable with that tretment. Those of you who have dealt with serious allergic reactions, does this seem right? Doesn't he AT LEAST need Benadryl?

Worried about my Dad,


On Nov 23, 2002

Sounds like it was an allergic reaction but not anaphylaxis since that involves respitory failure. I also beieve the first med you listed is a type of anithistamine so he might be ok.

On Nov 23, 2002

Atarax and Benadryl are both antihistamines. Some people do better on one, some on the other. Both are commonly used to treat allergic reactions. I think the doctor did fine, doesn`t sound like he needed an Epi shot. Also, remind him to get a Medic Alert Bracelet, now that he is allergic to an antibiotic.

On Nov 23, 2002

Lisa V: Check out this drug directory link


This directory is my lifeline when the emerg. doctors are quick to write a script but don't have enough time to explain everything about the drug that I want to know about).

This drug directory link is in alphabetical order so just type in the first letter and scroll down - gives you all the info on the drugs in question. Best wishes for your dad for a speedy speedy recovery. Karen

On Nov 23, 2002

Lisa V.,

Atarax is regarded as sort of a "Better Benadryl". It is very effective, but causes marked drowsiness so tell your dad to be careful about driving or operating any kind of machinery.

It doesn't sound like he was in immediate danger, so the epi wouldn't be necessary.

Hope your dad is feeling better soon!