Anaphylaxis Law - Alberta

Posted on: Tue, 11/22/2005 - 3:35am
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An Edmonton couple - Ana and Bryan Wigger - have made a serious start in their lobbying efforts for a Sabrina's Law in Alberta. Nov. 14, they met with Alberta's Minister of Education, Gene Zwozdesky, who says he is now "considering" introducing similar legislation!

Anyone in Alberta who would like to help Ana and Bryan get legislation to protect anaphylactic children in the schools is invited to say so here. You can also e-mail Gwen (the editor at Allergic Living) at [email][/email] and she'll make sure that Ana gets your e-mail and contact info to keep you informed of progress, possible petitions, etc. Please mention your interest in this area (eg. an allergic child, allergies yourself).

Allergic Living magazine will carry a report on the Wiggers/the lobby in its Winter 2006 issue. And here is a link to a CBC news report:


Here is a link to allergic living forum discussing this.


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