Anaphylaxis Canada Media Advisory


This media advisory from Anaphylaxis Canada covers a few things - Shannon's story, September as life threatening allergy month, and Bill 3, along with a seminar this coming week at CHEO in Ottawa. So, I thought I would post it separately rather than trying to find appropriate threads to place the message in. I received the advisory from Cindy at NASK:-

Subject: Media Advisory

Hello Everyone,

Attached you'll find the media advisory that CHEO will send on the 20th. Please feel free to distribute as you see fit. CHEO has asked anyone interested in attending to advise me instead of contacting them - [email][/email] .

To access an update on Bill 3: an act to protect anaphylactic students, or "Sabrina's Story", use the link to our Life-threatening Allergy Month. [url=""][/url]

For your information,

Laurie Harada

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Sep 21, 2004

I just received the following e-mail from Anaphylaxis Canada:-

Dear Registrant,

Re: Media Conference

Just a reminder that the media conference about Sabrina Shannon, a thirteen-year-old who died from an anaphylaxis reaction last year after having eaten French fries at her Pembroke high school will be tomorrow, at 1:00pm. Please see the following Children

On Sep 25, 2004

And another one, received via e-mail, after the event at CHEO on Wednesday, but with information regarding several things:-

Dear Registrant,

Please see news releases from the Children