Anaphlaxsis from Hersheys Cocoa !

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Hello again everyone,

I feel like we are the freak family. My kids 6yo ds c-2 pa and 4yo dd c-4 pa, had significant mouth, throat and eye swelling with sneezing itchy eyes and noses and post nasal drip. Sounds like mild to moderate anaphlaxsis to me, right? it was directly after drinking hot choclate homeade with Hershey's Cocoa. We were able to avoid the epipen, but had to use everything else in our arsenal. I just wanted to warn everyone. I bet we are the only ones who have had problems. There was no contact with anything else and the reaction was 5 minutes after drinking it. Melody

On Feb 16, 2003

I wouldn't say you are a freak family but I would say you are freaking me out! My child eats Nerds and he has Hersheys cocoa and syrup and does fine. BUT since I have been reading your posts I have stopped the Nerds even though they have been fine a zillion times before. That "what if" will get us everytime.

Jaime [img][/img]

On Feb 16, 2003

So sorry to hear about your children's reaction.

One question though. I know I posted a while back somewhere that Hershey's was thinking about farming out production of their cocoa to a third-party supplier to save money. Did your cocoa container say "Manufactured by" or "Manufactured for". I don't know if they actually did it, but it greatly concerned me and I am very interested in what your container has listed.

Another point of concern (FYI) is that some of the cow herds in the Northeastern U.S. (particularly mentioned in eastern Pennsylvania) are being fed scrap leftovers from food plants. Because of the drought, cow feed has been high, so farmers have been looking for cheaper sources, one being a special mix of food like leftover snack foods and get this, chocolate from Hershey's. Now I know a cow is not going to be fed all chocolate, but my husband and I are worried about the peanut protein being in cows milk from the feed. It is a concern we are thinking about and monitoring with his milk consumption--which is a lot since he is a big milk lover.

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On Feb 16, 2003

Thanks Jamie and Ryan's mom,

The cocoa says Dist. by Hershey Foods corporation. I am going to try calling tomorrow. The milk connection is something to think about. We like in s. central PA and are in the midst of many dairy farms. I have always been concerned about milk for the suspicion of hormones and antibiotic traces. The kids love it though. I will keep you posted with any info I find out. Thanks, melody

On Feb 16, 2003

I was told by a dairy farmer about feeding candy to cows. Dd does not drink cows milk. We are able to get fresh goats milk and she loves it. It is pricey, I pay $4.00 a gallon. It is from a person I trust. And my daughter is safe. Goats milk tastes really good.

On Feb 17, 2003


I am glad to hear I am not the only one concerned about antibiotics and hormones in our children's milk. I started buying Horizon organic milk about six months ago b/c of this. Let us know what you find out from Hershey.


On Feb 17, 2003

Melody, I don't want to hear you say again that you think you're the freak family! I am serious! No, perhaps no other PA parent will post here that their PA child(ren) had a reaction to the Hershey's Cocoa, but so what? That does not mean you are the freak family. It means that you probably got a container of cross-contaminated cocoa and no one else did. (This information you posted is U.S. specific, right?).

At any rate, I hope your kids are better. Yesterday, both of my children were outside in the cold and snow playing with the girl next door. They ended up going into her house later in the day and Ember came back in our house to ask me if it was okay if Jesse had some cocoa with marshmallows in it. It was okay. But you know what? It kinda hurt (and I don't know why because I have been dealing with this for some time) that my child has to ask if it is okay to have a cup of cocoa or, for that matter, a popsicle. It's such a simple simple pleasure and obviously, for us, it's not. [img][/img]

Please let us know about the Hershey's cocoa.

To everyone who posted about milk, man, I just can't even think about that right now. I understand why everyone is and why everyone is concerned and I respect that, but I am feeling so overwhelmed re PA right now that if I have to start worrying about milk, my head will explode. (That doesn't mean that I won't start worrying about it tomorrow). I know that it has blipped through my brain, but that's about it. Again, I respect everyone else who has made conscientious choices to the contrary. I, myself, just can't deal with it right now (and that's a really really stupid thing to say when you're dealing with PA).

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Feb 17, 2003

If my memory serves me correctly, the bovine growth hormone used in cows in the USA to increase milk production is banned in Ontario, so Ontario milk products do not contain this hormone.

On Feb 17, 2003

If I recall correctly there was a mention of milk in the 'unusual sources of pn' thread (or epic!).

It got me wondering...cows are often fed pn shells (they're full of protein, cheap, and cows love them). My Dad even bought a few loads of them for his herd when he had farm a few years ago, but only when Helen was safely with me 1 400 km away!

Anyway, if pn protein is expressed in human breast milk and is suspected of causing or at least contributing to pa, why shouldn't pn protein be expressed in cow's milk?

I realise the internal arrangements of women and bovines is somewhat different, but still, it makes you wonder. I guess that another difference is that commercially packaged milk is (usually) pasteurised and homogenised (but I can't see that would have any effect on pn proteins).

BTW, Helen drinks gallons of supermarket cow's milk with no deleterious effect so far!

Geoff (Helen's hubby)

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On Feb 17, 2003

Hello fellow Canadians:

Bovine growth hormone is not only banned in Ontario, but in Canada in general. As well, it is very unlikely that Canadian dairy farmers feed their cattle peanut hulls/shells. It simply is not feasible considering that peanuts are not grown here.

Cindy, you are right to worry about milk to an extent. I have worried about dairy products since developing my treenut and peanut allergy, as it is a common thing to see in the dairy section milk coffee flavourings such as hazelnut and amaretto (almond). I only purchase milk from the companies I have spoken with; most specifically, from the companies who can give me a listing of safe plants to purchase from. I know which products are safe by looking at the plant number or letter code printed beside the best before date. I always believe it is best to check yourself for safe products, as this can change overnight!

On Feb 18, 2003

It it's not one thing - it's another. My kids and I drink soy milk. I've been warned about problems from this, too. (Infertility in men, I think? And I forget what the problem could be for girls.) Good luck! I'm so sorry to hear about the cocoa and/or the milk. [img][/img] Miriam

On Feb 18, 2003

Connie Lynn, I love goat milk! When I was in high school, we raised Dairy Goats. I wish we still had some so I could use it for my PA/TNA DD. $4/gal is a little pricey, but I bet it is worth it to not have to worry "IF" the cow milk has peanut protein in it.

Lea (mom to Jamie -PA & TNA & David due 4-15)

On Feb 19, 2003

Thanks again everyone for your support, kindness and ideas. It is unbelieveable that cows are being fed candy and peanut shells! contacted Hersheys they assured me that the cocoa is made in its own facility nut free. If they get more calls about the product they do further testing. I would love to have it tested on my own. does anyone know how? Another factor in our dilema is a recent discovery of toxic black mold in our attic. That is a story in itself. We are devastated here. I was wondering if they could be overly sensitive and overly reactive. Any ideas? The mold was sealed above the ceiling until recent leak. We have cleaned repeatedly and sealed the area up until further testing. Any advice? Thanks in advance, Melody