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Although I have not taken the flight yet, I have thus far been impressed with American. I have a written statement regarding their peanut policy, a special assistance coordinator contacted me, and the coordinator contacted my physician and had her complete a medical certificate that yes, I have a fatal allergy to peanuts (including dust in the air).

On Jul 1, 2000

They also carry enphenerine on all aircraft. now if they would just stop serving peanuts!

On Jul 13, 2000

I have not been on American Airlines this year, but I thought I had read in a number of places that American did not serve peanuts on domestic flights. Did they change back to serving peanuts again???

On Jul 14, 2000

I flew American a couple of weeks ago. They served mixed nuts. I do not know for sure if there were peanuts in them. The problem I had was they served fresh baked peanut butter cookies. I did not have a serious reaction to the smell but I did have a mild reaction and did not feel totally better until a couple of hours after the flight. Andy

On Jan 25, 2001

Regarding American Airlines peanut policy. I can attest to the "inaccuracy" of American Airlines lip service. We were on a flight from Mexico to Miami. PEANUTS were served ! Let me back up a litle. Four months prior I tried to secure safe passage for my peanut-allergic husband and son. We were also told that PRETZELS would most probably be served. The one flight that they were not served is the one I mentioned above. We had a PILE of documentation to show them. Flight attendants were appalled they were never told. We were seated in first class. Please know this, as my story is so long I cannot begin to relay it all here, AMERICAN AIRLINES RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SERVE PEANUTS ON ITS FLIGHTS ! pLAIN AND SIMPLE. That, we were told was THE bottom line and they have the law (AND PEANUT FARMERS) on their side. Do not forget that this is a Texas based company. LOTS of peanut activity in the South.

On Feb 6, 2001

I spoke with AMerican Airlines today and they have REGRESSED in the last 2 years. Two years ago I had a great experience with them on two transAtlantic flights, they created 4 peanut-free flights for us. NOW, some flights do not serve peanuts and some do. If your flight does you can ask fo a buffer zone (3 rows behind and in front) where they may not be served (my kid would be compelled to stay in his seat for 12 hours). The only way to find out is to book a flight and wait for the Special Asssistance Coordinator ro call you. YOU CANNOT TALK TO THEM FIRST (i tried!). We will pay $500 mor for the family, fly to a less convenient airport and avoid the peanuts. Three cheers for United. We should all write and thank them.

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