Am I expecting too much?

Posted on: Mon, 04/05/2004 - 3:13am
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Both my PA son and non FA DD attend the same school. The grade 3's of the school go on a "special" end of the year field trip every year to Upper Canada Village and there is fundraising to defray the cost of the trip.

This year, the kids prepared gift baskets which they sold tickets to and they will be raffled off in the near future. Now, forget that I never even heard a whisper about these "baskets" until we were asked to allow the kids to purchase tickets. The baskets are filled with many things including "treats".

I am a little annoyed that the powers that be did not even consult with the parents of food allergic kids at the school, I thought that was why we have an allergy committee. I don't think that it is fair to expect us to buy tickets to something that if won would never cross the threshold of my house. I tried to explain it to the kids and I think they understand (ie: if we win, you have to give it away) but it just seems silly that no one asked us what treats would be safe. It's not like they were not aware of the number of kids with food allergies at the school several in grade 3 alone, not to mention their siblings.

I don't know, maybe PMS is rearing its ugly head [img][/img]

What do you think?


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