Am I allergic to peanuts?


In the past week I have had 3 itching/hives episodes, relieved by Benadryl. One after eating lettuce wraps at Chili's (w/peanut oil), one after eating peanuts, and tonite after eating popcorn at the movie theater. I called the theater, and no peanut oil was listed as any ingredient. I already take Zyrtec and use Nasacort. Have many allergies to medications and airborne items. But, no known food allergies to date. I live in a small community, nearest Allergist is 3 hours away. Should I just try to avoid peanuts or could it be something else? Please help. Thanks!

On Oct 4, 2001

Well I am no expert,but to me it sounds as if you are definitly allergic to some food. As for the popcorn maybe it was due to nuts that were touched by someone else and the residue got on you. I think that no matter what you need to find out what it is exactly and have allergy test. Your better off driving 3hours and having the tests versus a serious reaction that could leave you in the hospital for a few days or something worse. I went 2 hours away for Chris to be tested and I could have gone 5 minutes. It will ease your mind and who knows maybe you could go shopping for the day when you get done. Make an early appointment. As far as the testing it is pretty painless and if you are allergic you will be a little itchy but think about the fact that you will have answers. Let us know the outcome. Best wishes claire

On Oct 4, 2001

Are you on any new medication or using any different health/beauty products on your skin? Just one other possibility.