Alvarado Street Bakery--nut free!

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This bakery, located in Petaluma, CA, uses no peanuts or tree nuts in its facility, and even prohibits employees from bringing in such items for their own consumption (eg, for lunch or snacks). They sell a range of breads, bagels, pizza crust, etc. We found their products at Whole Foods, and they are also carried at our local natural foods co-op. I have absolutely no affiliation with the company--just wanted to share the info with other PA/TNA parents. Our 5.5yo son recently enjoyed his first bagel with cream cheese! They have a website:

By Miri on Mar 5, 2009

I've also found their bread at our local Safeway in CA.

By My sons mama on Mar 7, 2009

Unfortunately they use sesame seeds. It's out for us as sesame is the only ana reaction DS has ever had tho he tested positive to peanuts (contact hives) and other tree nuts.