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Posted on: Thu, 09/30/2004 - 2:31pm
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My son is allergic to peanuts as well as soy and walnuts (and about 20 other things). In looking for peanut butter alternatives, I can only find soy spreads that haven't been processed on machines with peanuts. Any cashew, sesame, or other tree nuts spreads that haven't been processed on machines with peanuts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/2004 - 4:17pm
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I buy sunflower seed butter at Trader Joe's. It has a warning that it is manufactured in a facility that processes soy, so I don't know whether it is something you could use--depends on whether you have to avoid traces.
The sunflower seed butter is delicious. My PB-loving daughter (non PA) won't eat soy butter but she loves the sunflower seed butter, and so do I.

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/2004 - 11:40pm
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Here's a link for sunflower seed butter
and pumpkin seed butter
and peabutter
Since you are dealing with multiple allergies I thought you might want to contact the companies directly.
I've tried the pumpkin seed butter. It's not bad - a bit dry though. It also has the advantage of NOT looking like pb. It's kind of green. [img][/img]
The peabutter is a Canadian company. I know they have expanded their area, but I don't know if they are available in the US.

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 12:25am
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Nevermind, all suggestions are there already!
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Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 1:37am
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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I have been dealing with this issue for about 3 1/2 years and have just now found this website.

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 4:05am
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Welcome to this site! Glad you found us, that must be VERY difficult dealing with so many allergies.
AnnaMarie: Thanks for those links. I just might try that pumpkin seed butter!
Meg, mom to:
Matt 2 yrs. PA,MA,EA
Sean 2 yrs. NKA

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 4:05am
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Well welcome to the board. [img][/img] Glad you found us. [img][/img] But sorry you needed to. [img][/img]
Feel free to look around, post questions, whatever.

Posted on: Fri, 10/01/2004 - 9:01am
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My son just loves Sunbutter! They carry it at a store called Woodman's in my area (Illinois).
It is a peanut-free facility that makes it. I eat it too, as I am still nursing my 1 year old. The only downside is that it looks a lot like peanut butter, but what can you do?
I've tried a few other nut spreads, and they were all nasty.

Posted on: Fri, 10/15/2004 - 11:17pm
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Posted on: Fri, 10/22/2004 - 8:37am
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We've used pumpkin seed butter and sunbutter.
My husband and I enjoy the taste of pumpkin seed butter when I throw the contents of the jar into my mixer and add about 1/4 cup of confectionery sugar. Even my kids liked it.
However, my kids also enjoy the taste of sunbutter, which I use in baking recipes when a PB substitute is needed. My 5-year old with no food allergies REALLY likes it and will get a nice spoonful for himself if he remembers it's in the fridge. (He doesn't remember too often though.) I particularly like sunbutter on apples when I can get fresh apples from our local orchards.
Overall, we are not big consumers of PB substitutes, but we always have them around.
Personally, I prefer a seed-based butter rather than a legume like soy or peas. Although Ryan is not allergic to soy, I definitely limit his consumption of it. That's just a personal thing which I feel is right for Ryan though.

Posted on: Fri, 10/22/2004 - 8:46am
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A tip here which I thought of as an afterthought.
I own a VitaMix, which is an extremely powerful piece of kitchen equipment. Kind of like a blender, but much more than that. It is like the KING of blenders--the brand that is used in businesses/restaurants. An expensive thing to have, but well worth for people with food allergies.
Anyway, with the VitaMix, making your own nut butters is a snap. I know because my sister owns one too (she sold me on getting one myself) and she makes her own nut butters.
Something to consider as alternative to buying. I think their website is [url=""][/url] If you're interested in this product, don't let the high price scare you. It is a staple on my counter and I use it all the time for so many things. It is definitely worth the price.
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