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Posted on: Fri, 08/26/2005 - 11:00pm
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During our two side trip days from my parents house in NJ to NYC, we went to Carmines (as I noted in a previous post on NYC) but I also wanted to mention something else.

We took the kids to the Museum of Natural History and ate in their "food court".

They had some prewrapped desserts and a dessert table that were separate from all other foods. They had a wonderful salad bar that although had sunflower seeds, had no other nuts (there was poached salmon, calamari salad, etc. Yum!).

There were three areas in the hot food section. One for grilled stuff (no peanut oil for frying) etc., one for pizza, and the other for BBQ chicken (or at least that was the entree they had for that day). I saw nothing that appeared to contain nuts.

They did sell Reese's at the register and some chocolate covered peanuts (packaged) along with some other choices but these were no where close to the other items. In fact, with the condiments, you could get jelly and honey but no PB.

Anyway, a great place to go if you have kids with nut allergies and are at the Museum or on the west side.

p.s. the museum had so much to see that we didn't even get to do everything we wanted but the kids really had a great time (esp. the Dinosaurs). [img][/img]

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