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Posted on: Fri, 08/13/1999 - 11:13am
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pHi LoriD,/p
pTo answer your questions. I really don't know in your child's given levels of allergens. This needs to be decided,I think, after you get more info (CAP RAST, IF POSSIBLE) AND CONSULT WITH ALLERGIST FOR INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS. For example, on My son's 1998 CAP RAST, milk, wheat, and barley were class III (high), oat and rye class IV very high, yet the allergist didn't recommend avoiding these because in my son's case he is more allergic that they can measure to most of the grasses and belives test isn't good enough to tell the difference-IE false positives./p
pOn the other hand we had returned egg to his diet after a food challenge 4 years ago- but his CAP RAST levels are many times higher than beginnning level where most people have a reaction of some type- now,We even have stopped giving him flu shot(egg based) we hope that by completely avoiding he will outgrow it.( by avoiding now he may be able to have egg for most of his life.) After a certain age people become unlikely to outgrow it. /p
pMy sons milk allergy level was class III at 5.9 and the level for likely severe reaction is much higher 32 or higher. yet the doctor had us try another time of son going without dairy. (There is a high incidence of dairy causing skin flare-ups sometime delayed etc.)Thankfully he isn't allergic to milk./p
pEveryone is so different that's why I'm so thankful for his allergist in piecing together best treatment plan./p
pI hope this helps and doesn't confuse the situation for you./p

Posted on: Tue, 08/17/1999 - 5:20am
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pWhen my son was 18months old and diagnosed PA, I bought the FAN Daycare/preschool guide that comes with the tape "It only takes a bite". I am so fortunate that his teacher isbr /
a professinal and a mom. She bent over backwards to make him safer. She organized an educational session for every toddler teacher so I could demonstrate the EPI-PEN, Jr. He is now 2 yrs old and has still to my knowledge not had peanuts...His teacher gavebr /
me some good advice. She told me first of all she "didn't get it" when I tried to teach it on my own and that if I "don't stress that he can die" and "keep on the teachers" it might not be taken seriously. Of course I nominated her for numerous teacher awards.br /
She said until she watched the video she just couldn't emphathize with me. Tommorrow I meet his new teacher and have to build a newbr /
trusting relationship. I'm sad and nervous that he has to move. SO, (I'm rambling) there are great teachers and daycares out there! Good luck! After reading everyone's responses I feel more confident. Lately, I have been in an ANGER stage. I am sick of peanuts, eggs, mold, animal dander...I am tired of making homemade everything...but then I look at my beautiful robust, healthybr /
toddler and could burst. I am so lucky he's mine./p

Posted on: Tue, 08/17/1999 - 11:08pm
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pI have no major issues with the skin prick test. However, for food allergies I would start with the CAP-RAST. Each of these tests have their strengths. I believe the skin prick test is better for environmental allergies. From what I've read the performance characteristics of the CAP System for soy and wheat are poor. /p
pSeveral people has expressed concern over the safety of the skin prick test. The medical literature indicates that skin prick tests performed in a clinical setting are safe./p
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