Aloha Airlines? Hawaiian Airlines?


Has anyone flown either of these airlines? Any ideas on which airlines are safe to fly to Kauai? United flies there and we are comfortable with them, but would like to know of other "pa-safe" airlines to compare prices.

On Jan 15, 2004

Just bumping this up again as I posted this at the very end of yesterday and no one may have seen it. [img][/img]

On Jan 15, 2004

We have flown Aloha Airlines three times in the past three years. (Much cheeper than United). My son is PA only. They do serve Macademia nuts as a snack. When we called this year (I call every time) they even had the catering company suppervisor call me back. Nothing contained peanuts. We only let him eat what we pack on board. They serve a very tempting hot chocolate chip cookie with milk when the movie is over. So we bring something special for when that is passed out. Just flew them to Kauai from Oakland Ca this past Thanksgiving. Have a great trip.

On Jan 15, 2004

I just dealt with Aloha(aka Alaska) (sorry, edited to say that I made a mistake and it was Horizons/Alaska airlines) this morning and I am not impressed, they said they used to have a no PNerved policy, but since they could not "gaurantee PN free", they got rid of the policy and now may serve PN on board. My DH says this is like a care company not installing seat belts because they can't gaurantee that you won' have an accident, I thought that was a good analogy. Then they told me it would be impossible to find out if PN will be served on our flight, and I would only be able to find out when we got there. I will never fly Alaskan or Aloha again.

BTW we are on our way to Maui in the AM, wish me luck and ALOHA.

SORRY, I just realized in my sleep deprived state, that it is Horizon/Alaska airlines that I had the trouble with.

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On Jan 15, 2004

Cynde - are you flying Aloha tomorrow morning? I wish you the best of luck and thank you very much for the info. I think we are going to stick with United.

On Jan 15, 2004

Sorry B's mom, I just edited my above post, it was Horizon/Alaskan airlines that I had trouble with. My apologies, I am sleep deprived from the last couple of days of stress. We ended up in emergency on Tuesday afternoon with DH, having chest pains, nausea, dizziness, cold, clammy and sweaty. Luckily it was not a heart attack, but only pericarditis (which can present like a heart attack). Northwest arlines (seattle to Maui is great about the PN thing).

On Jan 16, 2004

Cynde - I hope your DH is doing better. Since you are leaving for Maui, I am assuming everything is okay? How scary for you guys.

Thanks for the update. I guess we won't be flying Horizon/Alaska ever.

On Jan 16, 2004

Our family is traveling to Muai via Honolulu in March. We are flying United for the main portion but Aloha for the 30 minute Honolulu to Maui.

When I called Aloha yesterday, at first they were very helpful. They informed me that usually macadamia nuts are served but that they would be happy to switch to pretzles. But 10 minutes later, they called me back to say they would not be able to do this after all.

I am devistated and not sure what to do. We have already purchased our tickets. By law do they have to accomodate our request? Is there anything that we can do? Is it too risky to take our son on hits flight? Thanks for any input.

On Jan 16, 2004

Audreyanita- is your child PA only or is there a tree nut allergy as well? If I had to worry about tree nuts, it would be a concern for me. My DS is only PA, so macadamia nuts wouldn't be a huge issue for us. However, I wouldn't let him eat any. Unfortunately (as far as I know), there aren't any laws to protect you against something like this. Sadly, not all airlines are trying to accomodate food allergic people. I wish you the best of luck with your flight. Let us know how it goes.

On Jan 16, 2004

B's Thanks for your reply. Yes, my son is also allergic to all tree nuts except almonds. Yikes, I do not know what to do. I cannot believe that Aloha would not try to accomodate us.

On Jul 11, 2004

What about Hawaiian airlines? Does anyone know if they will provide substitute snacks? We're planning a trip next year, and we were going to island hop - Oahu to Maui. My son was retested for his PA a few weeks ago, and while I was at it, I had him tested for macadamias. He's still allergic to peanuts... and (figures) came back CAP Class 2 for macadamias. I suppose I could have him 'smell tested' for macadamias before I make a big fuss with the airlines. But if turns out he's macadamia smell-sensitive, then this may be a problem. Anyone have any updates on either of these airlines?

On Jul 11, 2004

We just got back from Kauai on United. Everything went smoothly. They served pretzels on both flights and the lunch didn't contain any nuts at all. However, we didn't let DS eat their food because of possible cross-contamination issues (we brought our own). We will stick with United for all of our flying needs as they seem to be the only airline we feel we can "trust" at this time.

On Apr 17, 2006

We had a positive experience on Aloha airlines last week.

We flew from Oakland, CA to Honolulu (Oahu). Even though we had indicated DS's peanut/tree nut allergies in our reservation, when I checked in, they still had not alerted catering.

They understood the situation and were very accommodating about it. They immediately radio'd catering and switched the flight to "peanut free", meaning that the macadamia nuts were substituted with pretzels.

Good advice from others to check at each step of the process (reservation, check-in) to be sure that airline is aware of your needs.