Almost Vermont Nut Free

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 12:07pm
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Last weekend I went to the Vermont Sheep an Fiber festival. Hitched a ride with my knitting guild president, so I didn't pay attention to the route, except by watching the beautiful scenery.

Then wouldn't you know it, I see the word CHOCOLATE on a store. I do a double take . It's the Vermont Nut Free factory!! I yelped, I jumped, I freaked out the driver!

She did a UTurn, got through two parking lots entering via the exit and leaving via the entrance, just to get me to the store. She's a chocolate addict too, although she can handle nuts.

We get there without an accident, nor a ticket... Wow..

Get out of the car, and wouldn't you know it ?? IT'S CLOSED!! ARGH!!
they close on Sundays.

What a disappointment. And of course I still have no idea where they are..

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 1:28pm
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How funny you bring up where they are because i was just looking on a map tonight! I have a close friend whose parents are in Burlington, Vt. and was wondering if any of them might go near it in their travels. Seems a bit out of the way from Burlington, though the driving directions said 30 mins. Just looked like a little town on Lake Champlain where you would end up only if you intended to be there. Of course that isn't a bad thing. I bet it is nice country! And you happened by it, LOL!
Here's the map link, just for kicks.
Oh, it is in South Hero, Vt. BTW, according to the website. becca (too bad they were closed. It is very smooth and fine chocolate)

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