Allitalia Problems


I'm an 18 year old high school student with a very severe peanut allergy. I've fought with airlines before (mainly Air Canada before they went peanut free) about their snack policies. However, last October I had another huge fight with the people from Allitalia about peanuts as well. The day before my school trip to Italy, I was told that because of my allergy, I would be denied access to their flight, along with the rest of my travelling group. You could imagine the horror of my 15 other travelling companions when they were informed that they would not be able to board the plane, because of me. I was livid. Luckily our tour company was able to get us on an Air Canada flight, and allow us to connect from London to Rome aboard British Midland. I can't say enough positive things about British Midland. They claimed that they DO USUALLY serve peanuts on their afternoon flights, but since I was on a morning flight they would not serve them. Also, they claimed that they would definately not serve anything with peanuts, because I had expressed concern. At that point, the head flight attendant called down to the catering people and told them to make sure that no peanuts came aboard. I felt that if I was on an afternoon flight, they wouldn't have handed out peanuts at that time. Great company. I know many people have posted about Allitalia, but once again, do not travel with them. They are rude, unreasonable, and extremely un-accommodating. They will serve peanuts, unless something has changed since October 2000. Also, remember that there is hope for kids travelling with a peanut allergy. I have been travelling aboard planes at least 2 times per year for my entire life, with this allergy. I have been just fine on more than 50 airplane rides, and I will get a full-blown anaphalactic reaction is I come in contact with peanuts. Take precautions. -Always bring your Epi-Pens. -As mentioned by others, BENADRYL is a life saver, always have it. -Never eat any airline food. #1 it tastes bad, #2 they really cannot guarantee that it is safe. -Bring dis-infectant and sanity wipes to clean surfaces such as trays and seat belts. If you are allergic, have someone else clean the surface. Dont let your skin come in contact with any surfaces. -Bring a pair of latex gloves, and wear them if you think its necessary. -Wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pants to protect your skin. -If your on a flight and the flight attendants are not being reasonable, go straight to the pilot and explain your situation. Pilots dont ever want to have to make an emergency landing. - If you are arguing your case with an airline, always document exactly whom you are speaking to at the various levels of the company. That documentation is gold if you have any big problems.

Be Safe.