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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I created and run this site for free. My DH is a software guy. I am a member of and FAAN also. The site has become a way for us to keep track of information about food allergy and a way for us to be involved in the issues. We felt quite overwhelmed when we first found out about our daughter's PA and found locating information difficult. It is out there, but all over the place. So, we tried to put it in one place. You may find the site helpful.

Stay Safe, Rhonda and Mike

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On Oct 8, 2001

WOW - there's a lot there! Thanks for posting. I'll be sure to check it out again when time allows

On Aug 17, 2002


Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Nov 26, 2002

Rhonda RS,

Thank you so much for this site!! I found it today by searching Yahoo, and I have found exactly what I was looking for!!

------------------ Little Man's Momma a*k*a Kendra