allergy videos and books for school

Posted on: Wed, 12/01/1999 - 1:41am
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Hello everybody

I am trying to find out some educational books and videos to make school teachers and classmates of my PA allergic son more sensitive about allergies (what they are, how they appear on the skin ...).

Doe anybody know where to find such educational items ?

Thank in advance for your help.

Posted on: Wed, 12/01/1999 - 8:21am
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Hi, the Food Allergy Network in the U.S. and Allergy Essentials in Canada carry a list of titles of books and videos. I got two videos [Alexander the Elephant who couldn't eat peanuts and It only takes one bite] and two books [No Nuts for Me and A Preschoolers Guide to Peanut Allergy] for use by the teachers at my son's school. The Food Allergy Network has a web page [url=""][/url] and Allergy Essentials address/phone is available at the Calgary Allergy Network site [url=""][/url]
Hope this information helps you.
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Posted on: Thu, 12/02/1999 - 6:44am
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Hi! Interesting that you posted yesterday. I am making arrangements to talk to my daughters Kindergarten class next week.
We will be showing the Alexander video and hopefully handing out the coloring books so they have something to show their parents.
Any hints for talking with the children?

Posted on: Thu, 12/02/1999 - 1:51pm
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Hi SongMi and MaryLynn,
Just wanted to let everyone know, PeanutAllergy.Com stocks the books "No Nuts for Me" and also "A Preschoolers Guide to Peanut Allergy" also. We asked the authors and publishers if we could keep them on hand so they would be readily available and so we could ship them quickly (some people need them in a hurry for schools or for presents etc.. We also would like to thank them for giving some of the proceeds of the books we sell to help support the work we do. See the PeanutAllergy.Com Books Page if you would like to order them. Here is a link to the books page.
Please notice there is a board for all discussion about books and to help keep the information organized, please start a new thread on the School Discussion Board also about "hints for talking with the children" as well. This makes it much easier for others in the future to find what they are looking for. We like to keep the information organized as much as possible.
Keep on posting! The information discussed on these boards helps many and brings our community together.
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Thu, 12/02/1999 - 9:49pm
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The AQAA "Association Quebecoise des Allergies Alimentaires" in conjunction with the Quebec Health and Social Services Dept and The Medic Alert Foundation have produced a childrens video called Never take A Chance. I haven't reviewed it yet as it is still not released. It is an educational video for children 4-7 years old promoting measures to prevent allergic reactions to food. The President of the association is going to let me know as soon as it is released and I will let everyone know once it is available along with where it will be available.
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Posted on: Wed, 12/08/1999 - 5:13am
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Hi there. I was trying to go to the cadvision site and can't get there has it moved?

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/1999 - 9:18am
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Hi, I edited my previous message as I had put a period at the end of the sentence but the program read it as part of the URL. You can connect now. Sorry about that.

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