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I have recently developed several allergy like syptoms and am wondering whether or not the basic over the counter drugs will work, and what if its not allergies. Do I need to go the doctor and have tests done? I can't believe after 23 years all of a sudden I am developming allergies. I just recently got a job in Manhattan after living in the suburbs for my entire life and some people say that could be the root of it. I heard about this blood test Immunocap that supposedly will let me know what is causing this. Does anyone else have any information on it or anything like it or know where I can find some.

On Mar 22, 2001

I would probably try to narrow it down, and then get some testing done by an allergist. What are your symptoms? Do you react at work, at home, outside? Is is food related? Does an over-the-counter antihistamine help? (If so, it could be allergies.) Try to get as good an idea as possible when it's happening and what circumstances you are in when it happens. That will help you and an allergist figure it out.

On Mar 22, 2001

Recent research has linked pollution (especially diesel exhaust particles - DEP) to the development of allergy.

Moving into the city may be the reason for your symptoms, based on this research. Not only does DEP increase the severity of allergic reactions, but it has been shown to create allergies where none previously exisited.

This research was published by The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. You can find it at this website: [url=""][/url] in the December 2000, Volume 106, Number 6 section. Viewing the abstract (summary) of the research is free, but you can pay to receive a full-text version of the research.

I would definitely go to an allergist for testing. I'll give you 2 examples why:

(1) After Cayley had a severe reaction to peanut butter, the ER doctor told me not to worry - that I didn't need an EpiPen, I just need to help her avoid peanuts. The allergist, when we finally got her tested, told us she could die the next time she ingested peanuts, and promptly gave us a prescription for 2 EpiPens.

If I hadn't insisted on allergy tests, we still wouldn't know how severe her allergy is - at least now we know, so we can take precautions.

(2) My brother had gastrointestinal problems after eating peanuts and suspected an allergy. He got allergy testing - turns out he's allergic to cats and dust, but that's all. He has a food intolerance to peanuts, which isn't life-threatening, like the allergy. He's glad he got tested, because now he knows exactly what his allergies are, and are NOT.

If you are suffering allergic symptoms, going to an allergist can begin the process to help you successfully (to a point) manage your allergies. Good luck - if you can get the allergies under control, you should be able to stay in Manhattan with little trouble.

On Apr 2, 2001

Thanks Cayleysmom and Bensmom for your replies. I took your advice I have narrowed it down and am going in for testing. My doctor is going to give me that blood allergy test I mentioned so hopefully it will be able to tell me what I am allergic to. Thanks again.

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On Apr 3, 2001

I am 36yrs old and this past year I had two serious allergic reactions this year to something I've been eating my entire life - sesame. I went to emergency the first time when I finally realized airway was closing. The second time I had meds on hand to take care of it at home. I just couldn't believe it, but the doc said my body had just built up and had enough of it. I've have 2 babies in three years, lots of changes to my body (hormones, weight gain) I am vegitarian, though not vegan, I eat and feed my kids organic. I'm still shaking my head. I;m on this site because this week we found out the hard way my son is allergic to peanuts. Anyway, mine seemed to come on suddenly, but actually it was builing up my entire life. Go figure!