Allergy test cost/what do you get for your money?


I went to the article that was given on a different thread about what happens when you get an allergy skin prick test. I noted at the end of the article it states that a standard panel of tests, which includes 40 allergens can be given for about and average of $260 or something around that. I feel like I wanted my son tested for many other things besides the five he did (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, coconut, cashews). I began to wonder if my allergist probably charged my indurance this high a price for just testing five things. I am going to look into this. But I am wondering what your experiences have been with how much you get for your money? C&N's Mom Alisa

On Jun 20, 2001

Hi Alisa, Jackson's allergist also tested for only 5 things, (eggs, peanuts, fish, milk, and corn). It was'nt until I brought him back a year later and requested it, he tested for all of the tree nuts. That visit the insurance was billed about $80. I also wondered why he did'nt test for more foods the first time. Maybe it was because he was so young. I wonder if we have the same allergist? I know there arent many in the Provo area. E-mail me if you would like. Jessica