Allergy suspected in mother\'s death

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[url=""][/url] [b]Allergy suspected in mother's death Inquest told woman taken ill while celebrating Christmas with family[/b]

[i]Lizzie Murphy A DEVOTED mother-of-two died on Christmas Day from a suspected food allergy after eating nuts, an inquest heard yesterday. Beverley Taylor, 37, died last year while spending the afternoon with family, including her husband, Iain, and their two daughters, Laura 14, and Emily, 12. The family suffered a double tragedy as Mr Taylor, 45, died suddenly only months later. Mrs Taylor, who had a history of allergies including peanuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, eggs, dust mites and latex, started feeling unwell while celebrating Christmas at her mother's house next door to her home in Barclay Close, Cullingworth, near Bingley. In a statement read out at the inquest, her mother Sandra Lee described how she had prepared the usual Christmas dinner, taking great care not to use any ingredients her daughter was allergic to. After dinner, Mrs Taylor was eating cashew nuts when she complained that one "tasted funny" and thought it might have been a peanut. She started to feel ill and tried the EpiPen treatment, an injection for her allergies, but it made no difference. When she began to feel worse, Mrs Lee, drove her to Airedale Hospital at Steeton, but her daughter stopped breathing five minutes away from the hospital and never regained consciousness. Mrs Lee said: "She was gone so quickly, it is hard to imagine she is no longer alive." A post mortem examination revealed the cause of her death was acute anaphylactic shock. The inquest heard how Mrs Taylor had been slightly disabled, with the right side of her body being shorter than the left. She had no movement to her fingers in her right hand, but apart from that she had no other physical problems. At the age of three her parents discovered she had a peanut allergy, and although she had had six minor anaphylactic shock episodes in her life, Mrs Taylor had always recovered. Throughout her life she developed other allergies and was on a cocktail of medication. Bradford Coroner Roger Whitaker said it was not clear what Mrs Taylor had reacted to. He said: "She suffered from so many allergies and another one could have developed. Maybe that was the case because I am satisfied that the EpiPen was deployed correctly." He added: "Clearly she had something that caused her anaphylaxis. Her family reacted very quickly and took her as quickly as possible to the point of treatment. By the time she arrived at hospital she was already dead. There was nothing anyone could do at that stage." Recording a verdict of death by natural causes, he said: "It is a well-recognised medical problem that many people have reactions to a whole range of things, but not normally to so many as Beverley Taylor. "We will probably never know what she reacted to on this occasion." At the end of the inquest Mrs Lee revealed how Mr Taylor had tragically died earlier this month

On Jun 14, 2006

This is very sad.

This is why our doctors tell us to carry 2 epi-pens.

I'm surprised that she would eat tree-nuts considering all her allergies. Although, since she had so many there wasn't much else she *could* eat. But I'm thinking that she either developed an allergy to treenuts or the tree nuts were cross-contaminated with peanut [img][/img]