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Hi, dd was diagnosed with pa/tna in Dec./04. We finally got the allergists report last month and it said she is 2+ for peanuts (this was a skin prick test. What does this number mean? We are in Canada by the way.

Thanks, Gilli

On May 30, 2005

Gilli, the number is fairly low, but I don't know what it means except that it is fairly low.

I would either contact your allergist and ask them to interpret the number for you or write to Anaphylaxis Canada and ask them what they think it means.

I honestly don't know (because even with the skin prick test, I do not have a "score" for my PA son) if this means your child has a greater chance of outgrowing the allergy or not if there is no anaphylactic reaction.

Perhaps some others will know though.

And I do kinda feel that your allergist *should* have sent a letter of explanation to go with the test results. Otherwise, yes, they make no sense.

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On May 30, 2005

Sorry, what about the numbers for tree nuts? Were there any?

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On May 30, 2005

I believe it refers to the level (class) of the allergy. Here is the guide to the CAP RAST test.

Class IgE kU/L Interpretation 0 <0.35 Negative 1 0.35

On May 30, 2005

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On May 30, 2005

A skin prick test is rated from 0 to 4+. It is done against a control to determine the level of severity. It does mean its low but I think that doesnt mean it cant change. I think testing that low leaves you with a better chance of out growing it. Do talk to your allergist about what that really means for now and future, can it get better or worse, and how ect. List your concerns before you visit or call so you can get answers to everything at once. Get educated and be safe. Do you have an epi pen

On May 31, 2005

Hi, Thanks for your responses. She is a 1 for treenuts, at the time of testing the allergist said she had a slight tna. Yes we carry epi-pens wherever we go and are of course doing everything to eliminate exposure. It's nice to hear though that she has a chance to outgrow this...

Thanks again, Cheers, Gilli

On May 31, 2005

I am curious about this too. My son scored a 2+ on the skin prick test for about five different tree nuts, but he has never had a reaction. I was told that he was negative for Brazil nuts, and when I got a copy of his allergy test results I noticed that He scored a 1+ to the Brazil nut, and a 1+ to the "histamine" which they stated as "equivocal" and negative.

our appointment was so rushed and confusing and i didn't have time to ask a lot of questions (rather they didn't have time to answer them!). We are on a waiting list for an appt. at Children's Memorial in Chicago which is supposed to have an excellent allergy dept.

The reason my son was tested is that he choked while eating a peanut butter sandwich and the pediatrician said just to be ultra cautious we should get him tested. (The choking episode lasted less than five minutes and involved no hives, etc. The peanut butter was from the same jar he had eaten from about once a week for the last few months. I did call the paramedics though because he literally was not getting any air.) Anyway, he tested negative to peanuts, but 2+ to tree nuts. Even though he has not had a reaction we still avoid all nuts and carry the benedryl and epi.

I wish I understood more about the severity of his allergy, especially since my son hasn't had a reaction yet.


On May 31, 2005

did the peanut butter just stick to the roof of his mouth and choke him?

On Jun 1, 2005

Yes. He's always been a "mouth stuffer", ever since he was a baby. I was on the phone ( I feel so guilty!) and didn't notice that he was eating way to fast. I guess I had spread the peanut butter too thick.

On Jun 1, 2005


I am in Canada also and went to an allergist appointment yesterday. Please keep in mind as explained to me yesterday the tests done in the US are quite different than here (Prick test).

Both of my son's prick tests for Peanut have been 10++ mm. I asked the allergist if it makes a difference how they would react based on how big the wheal size was, she said "no". Every reaction is different is each person.

When my son was first diagnosed, I went for a follow up appointment by myself to ask all the questions I did not think of in the 1st appointment.

If you find out anything of significance about the wheal size, please let us know.


On Jun 2, 2005

my sons was 2+ meaning between 2mm & 3mm for the skin test & the blood test was 49 IGE which is very high.

I was left with yes he is allergic & he is very likely to have a reaction to every exposure!

On Jun 2, 2005

I definetely will request a blood test for my son (who tested 2+ to tree nuts and negative to peanuts). I will ask them to double check the peanut as well. Even though I have read that these numbers may or may not indicate the severity of the reaction, I would really like a way of defining and monitoring the allergies as best I can, and maybe (hopefully) one day when he's older he can do a food challenge test if he wants (if the test results indicate that this is an option).

On Jun 2, 2005

kkeene - has your son had a reaction yet? Was it severe?