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Allergy Cookbooks-Need input

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I'm ordering "The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook" and have the FAAN Cookbook and Carolyn Fenster's book (What's to Eat? I think it is called) but have been looking at these two:

"The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook: Over 325 Natural Foods Recipes Free of All Common Food Allergens: Wheat-Fee, Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Corn-Free, Sugar-Free" by Marjorie Hurt Jones


"Feeding Your Allergic Child: Happy Food for Happy Kids" Elisa Meyer

and wondered if anyone had them and would care to comment?

Oh, ds is allergic to PN, TN, wheat, soy, barley, egg and milk.


On May 20, 2002

I eventually got the Complete Allergy Cookbook and the Allergy Self-Help Cookbook, so here's my review. Both are very helpful in explaining the various uses of grains other than wheat. Both provide useful recipes that exclude all major allergens. Both contain recipes (a few) that you just won't be able to use unless you can use some kind of milk or milk substitute.