Allergy Action Plan copy, anyone?

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We have a copy of dd's allergy action plan from last year, that was obviously scanned in, her photo inserted, etc. I cannot find the file, nor the original document for anything. Our computer crashed hard 6 months ago and I guess this was one of the casualties.

Does anyone have a digital copy of a blank form that I could use? I am not good at generating forms. I can never figure out how to get the boxes, lines, etc on the page correctly.


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On Jul 6, 2007

I'm pretty sure that FAAN has a similar form on their website as a PDF file for free download.

Let me see what I can find.

Here it is: This page has several downloads on the left hand side. The Allergy Action Plan downloads are about halfway down, so you'll have to scroll down to see them.


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On Jul 6, 2007

I downloaded the FAAN form and filled it out for the school. They had their own though(not as good IMO) so after I asked, they agreed to attach it to their form. I do have my own hanging on my cubbord above the phone...I like that it has a picture, if there's an emergency, at least it's in plain view if needed(possibly by the police, fire dept or EMT's...grandma, grandpa, dad!!!). Anyways, just wanted to share [img][/img]

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On Jul 8, 2007

You guys rock! Thanks so much. That may actually be the one I had, but now it is saved to my hard drive.

Thanks again,

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