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Posted on: Sun, 06/25/2000 - 3:34pm
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I did a search but found no refrence to Allergostop 1 on this board. I received a great deal of information on it from a German friend and Doctor. She used it for her daughters walnut allergy. Has anyone used it? It is not available in the USA!

In laymans terms (the only terms I understand), the allergy receptors are blocked or transverted. A sample of the patients blood is needed to create the medication which can be injected or taken orally. I have seven pages of information on it, and plan to review it with my doctor.

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Posted on: Sun, 06/25/2000 - 10:01pm
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pThere is a treatment here in the US that will hopefully be available in the next couple or few years for food allergies. It is called IgE therapy and will be a monthly shot (not a cure). I wonder if this is the same as what your friend is using in Germany. I have heard that it will soon be released as a treatment for asthma but our allergist feels it will be more useful for food allergies. I think you will find info about IgE here if you search under that heading./p


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