allergist\'s appt soon...what do I want to know?


My 17 month old DS is PA and egg allergic. At 12 months, we found out about the eggs when he broke out from head to toe w/hives and when I had him sent to the allergist, the skin prick test revealed the PA. He has had 1 reaction since being diagnosed, and I think it was an egg reaction, not peanut...we had tacos one night and I gave him some of the meat and he reacted. At the 1st allergist appt, the dr said when he came back, they'd do a blood test to determine how sensitive he was. His next appt is in the next few weeks and I'd like some input on what I need to ask and look for. I was so shoocked by the peanut allergy news, that I forgot to ask some questions. What can I expect from this appt and what "levels" do I need to be concerned with. This is my first child w/food allergies and I'm somewhat clueless. What about IGe levels? Cap/RAST?

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On Mar 4, 2004

The only thing I can say in answer to your question is, write down every question you have as soon as you think of it. You may go to this appointment and the doctor will give you so much information to chew on that questions will be forgotten. I have been taking my oldest son to the allergist for over 5 years now and still walk away with questions. The questions that I have always pop up later when I have had a chance to think about what he told me. I then write them down for the next visit.Otherwise I either forget between that time or I get there and get cuaght up in whatever is going on that day,(usually my kids are rowdy while there and I am flustered!) What I now do is go in with my list and hand it to him first thing.This works. Your questions will vary from this visit to the next and so on. The only stupid question is the one you already know the answer to.So work off that and always ask for clarity if you are not sure. Good luck! ~Jenna

On Mar 5, 2004

Am I supposed to be happy with the IGE level? What's is too high/low/average? What is the blood test going to reveal? Is this where the IGE level comes from?