Allergist recommended Zyrtec instead of Benadryl for reaction?

Posted on: Mon, 09/09/2002 - 1:55pm
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pHas anyone heard of this? He said it's just as effective if not more so. I hate to deviate from Benadryl, but since he is a Pediatric Allergist I should hope he would know. Anyone have input on this? The only good part is I AM able to get small samples of the liquid which are great for the diaper bag. /p
pThanks for any input...I never take any doctor's without double checking everything these days!/p

Posted on: Mon, 09/09/2002 - 4:51pm
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Hi Kathy!
I've never had Benadryl, but I use Zyrtec regularily for my 4yo. Mostly our son gets it every day in the morning (when he goes to kindergarten, they still offer nut-containing meals). During his summer holidays he did only get it when he had a reaction, and about 10 minutes (maximum) later he stopped coughing and the redness around his mouth (or whatever) disappeared slowly.

Posted on: Mon, 09/09/2002 - 7:07pm
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The allergist I spoke to told me that because Zyrtec is a 24 hour duration drug, it generally takes longer to start acting (around 20 minutes) when compared to Benadryl which is a shorter duration of action drug ie every 4-6 hours and therefore begins to act faster (5-10 minutes).

Posted on: Mon, 09/09/2002 - 11:24pm
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I used to have Benadryl in the house, until our allergist said that liquid Reactine was better. I guess as long as you have something, that's what's important.
Karen [img][/img]

Posted on: Tue, 09/10/2002 - 7:50am
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For those who don't know, Zyrtec is the same drug as Reactine.
In the USA it is called Zyrtec and in Canada it is called Reactine.

Posted on: Tue, 09/10/2002 - 9:23am
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Posted on: Wed, 09/11/2002 - 12:47pm
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At home we always use benadryl and our allergist has always told me benadryl for our action plan. However, when my son reacted to his allergy shot at her office she gave him Zyrtec and epi. I think if you're taking Zyrtec on a daily basis it would be better to take benadryl so you're not overdosing, otherwise I think either would be fine.

Posted on: Wed, 09/11/2002 - 1:28pm
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This was on one of the Yahoo Groups that I am on and could help make a decision if your child is allergic to milk as well as peanut.
"Watch the labels very carefully if you
use any over-the-counter decongestants for them as they get old
enough for that. Many of the gel coatings have lactose in them as a
thickener. Also, watch your children very carefully if you give them
Benadryl. It makes my husband's heart race very badly and makes him
very jittery. And the dye-free Benadryl is the only one that doesn't
have lactose in it as far as we can tell. I realize he is an adult
and we're talking children here, but reactions are reactions and I
just wanted to give y'all a heads up. [img][/img]"
I use Tanafed if I need to go somewhere that he may have an enviromental reaction, but Benadryl is what we have at his school, and we keep it on hand as well, in case of a reaction to a food while we are out. They tried Drew on Zyrtec before the Tanafed, and it didn't do anything for him, so I would not feel comfortable using it for a reaction. However, with my son being milk allergic as well, I am going to have to check on this Benadryl thing.
Beth, mom of

Posted on: Wed, 09/11/2002 - 11:11pm
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Just keep in mind that this doctor is receiving $$$$ for recommending this drug and providing you with the samples. You should investigate it yourself using the web.

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