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So, when my dd was tested the allergist just said, yes, she is allergic to peanuts and to some tree nuts, cashews and walnuts. But he didn't say if the results were larger than the test weel or not. I know it doesn't matter, but seems tht if not, the more likely she will outgrow, at least according to some of my frinds who dc's have PA. She hasn't had the RAST test yet, but is scheduled for July 23. Worth having it, what kind of additional info. will it give me. I am taking this serious and we are completely peanut and nut free. not looking for people to say she will outgrow, just want to understand the test and the results better.

On Jun 21, 2007

I say if it caused a hive, it's positive! Our doc did come in a measure, but it didn't give me any more info then just a *yes* would have, honestly. I do like the caprast because you get a number you can understand. Again, it doesn't mean much, but it helped me. I'd suggest waiting for the blood results and not push the measurment of the hive from the scratch test...why they measure the hive is beyond me! Good luck!!! here's a pic of my son...if he got a hive, it was positive, I didn't care about the measurement!!!


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On Jun 21, 2007

Our allergist told us that the hive measurement is something that all allergists can understand. It is not dependent on a lab or interpretation - it's pretty universally understood. And she wouldn't do blood tests. Not saying she's right....just sharing. [img][/img]

On Jun 21, 2007

Sorry to hijack but I have a question. Does the size of the hive indicate how severe the allergy is? What would be deemed a bad reaction based on size?

On Jun 21, 2007

I can tell you what I was told in regards to ds

she measured the hive and the wheel

his measured 25 mm for the hive and 50 for the wheel

she said this was moderate to severe but given that he still had benedryl in his system she catagorized it as severe

she also compared it to the hystamine hive/wheel response to make that determination.