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Is anyone able to recommend a good food allergy allergist in the Central Florida (Orlando) area?

On Aug 24, 2007

Any recommendations will be so greatly appreciated.

On Sep 5, 2007

hi, i live in orlando, and i have taken my daughter to dr. alidina (laila). she is supposed to be one of orlando's best, but i wasn't very impressed. sorry, i know this doesn't help ... i was just surprised to see someone from orlando here. is it for you or your child?

On Sep 5, 2007

We actually use to live in Orlando.

We have family members currently living there that may possibly need a pediatric allergist, so as a member of, my first thought was to post and look to other members for any recommendations.

I'm sorry to hear that your experience with your DD's allergist hasn't been good. I wish you the best. I know it makes a big difference.

Oh, another quick question if you don't mind...

Is there a local support group in Orlando?

On Sep 5, 2007

not that i know of. actually, i posted on the "support groups" board asking if anyone lives in the central florida/orlando area, and there was not one response! that's why i was surprised when i saw your post under doctors. maybe we'll have to start one [img][/img]

my daughter was only just diagnosed a couple of months ago with PA. dr alidina may very well be good (i have very high standards for doctors and can be very distrusting), but i felt that she just sort of dismissed us.

first, she did a skin test instead of a RAST, even though my daughter had just had a pretty serious reaction the week before. when i asked why, she said there was no reason to put my daughter through a blood test, but i question why she assumed a skin prick test would be safer (although, as it turned out, there was no major reaction).

then, she tested my daughter for all of the common allergies (milk, soy, wheat, environmentals), but declined to test for tree nuts! when i asked why she said, "she shouldn't be eating them anyway if she is allergic to peanuts" that's all fine and good, but i'd still LIKE TO KNOW!!

finally, she basically said, "yep, your daughter is allergic to peanuts" (like i didn't already know that), gave us a prescription for an epi pen, and said she didn't need to see us back until my daughter turned 3 (she was 19 months at the time) at which time they would do a peanut challenge! first of all, 3 is a little young for a peanut challenge, in my opinion, AND wouldn't we have to test the numbers first?!

so, i wasn't too impressed, but since we're going through a change in our insurance right now, i am not going to pursue another doctor until we get our new coverage. let me know if you find a good one!!

On Sep 5, 2007

I'm so sorry. [img][/img] I definitely understand your frustration and concern. It's so overwhelming at first and having an allergist you feel comfortable with is a huge factor in determining where to begin.

I'm glad you've found I know this site as well as my local support group have been extremely helpful to me.

We will definitely keep you posted should we find a a good allergist in the Central Florida area.

Hang in there...