Allergist in Minneapolis, MN area


My son is new to peanut allergies. When we discovered he was allergic to peanuts in October of 2005 we had took him in to the allergist our pediatrition recommended. Noah's RAST test came back >100. The doctor did not give us much information at our appointment. We live in the southwest metro of the Twin Cities. Does anyone know of a good allergist in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area?

On Feb 13, 2006

We live in the Western Metro area and see Dr. Michael Wexler in Minnetonka (394 &494 area). We have been going to him for a little over a year and I have been so pleased. He wrote a great letter to try to get 504 designation for kindergarten next year, called me to make sure it was adequate, and has been very helpful.

He is at the Advancements in Allergy and Asthma Care Clinic. 952-546-6866.

My son also has asthma so he was a perfect fit for us. Another good thing is he is usually on schedule and not much waiting around. Hope this helps. If you want more info you can email me at [email][/email].


On Feb 13, 2006

Allergy and Asthma Care, P.A., in Maple Grove is good. We see Dr. Morris and he's been good. I know someone else who sees another one at that clinic, I think it's Dr. Helm, who specializes even more in food allergies and has been a guest on KARE 11 discussing food allergies in a very intelligent way.

On Feb 13, 2006

We've been very happy with Dr. Helm. He also has an office in Woodbury.

On Feb 13, 2006

We used to see Dr. Nancy Ott in the same practice (this was five years ago). We liked her, but she might not be to everyone's tastes. We saw her in Bloomington (or was it Woodbury...) I forget. It was on the southern side of the cities, right near the Mall of America exit.

She was very... efficient. [img][/img] It always felt so weird to drive an hour to see her for ten minutes and then drive an hour home. She was a bit "distant", but very knowledgable. Our first visit she handed us a ream of reading material! [img][/img] Our daughter really loved the PA in the practice, though. So patient with little kids.

I don't know if she is still there.

On Feb 14, 2006

Thanks for all of the names! We saw Dr. Wexler when Noah was diagnosed. It seemed like he was a good doctor, but food allergies may not be something he 'specializes' in? We felt like if we didn't ask the questions we didn't get much information. It was the person that drew Noah's blood that called to give us the class 6 information even. I was a bit disappointed.

On Feb 15, 2006 is amazing how different people have completely different experiences with the same doctor. Sorry your experience was less than satisfactory. We have had such a good experience with him. He has been kind, informative, he did lots of testing to see if another allergen was causing the reactions, he has written school letters, he even investigated to see if my DS would have qualified for the Xolair study for PA. Overall we have been just thrilled to have him on our side.

Hopefully some of the other names mentioned will work better for you. Good luck in your search.