Posted on: Fri, 04/09/1999 - 2:17am
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If you would like to arrange an allergist to speak to your school (U.S.) contact the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (WELL IN ADVANCE)through:

MaryLou Callaghan
Director of Administration
American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
85 West Algonquin Rd. Suite 550
Arlington Heights,
Illinois 60005

Phone (847)427-1200

Fax (847)427-1294

E-mail [email][/email]

You should book now for starting school next year.

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Posted on: Sat, 04/10/1999 - 10:44am
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Coco, Thank YOU! This is great info you shared. I had no idea they would do that. My lil' girls allergist said he would if he had to come to the school back in October, but he is really busy everytime I ask. I am really excited to call MaryLou, first thing Monday morning I'll be on the horn. Again Thanks. ~T~

Posted on: Mon, 04/12/1999 - 8:28am
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Hi Coco and everyone, Just wanted to let you know I ended up e-mailing Marylou and she e-mailed me right back. She said an allergist would come to the school but the leader of the PTO or authorized individual needs to call (212) 251-7281 and set this engagement up and recieve a communications kit. Then you have to allow at least one month preperation time to arrange for a Physician as well as provide the PTO with sufficiant time to promote the meeting. It is all sponsered by the Children's Allergy Awareness Program. Thank's Coco because if the school will give the go ahead I believe this will really help my lil' girl at school, and will educate them at the same time. Cheer's to you. Have a GREAT DAY!!! ~T~

Posted on: Fri, 04/09/1999 - 6:12am
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Coco, that is really wonderful you found that out. I think having an Allergist speak on your childs allergy and the seriousness of its potential affects would be a great help so that the schools and their personnal will maybe get the BIG PICTURE. We as parents explaining the allergy to them seems to come across as if we are over protective, and overlly exagerated, at least thats how my school thinks. I hope my daughters allergist will come to the school and do this or can any allergist that has the time do it? I truelly believe this will make a big difference in alot of schools! THANKS FOR THE INFO, I LOVE THIS DISCUSSION BOARD one day you feel you are all alone and dealing with this by yourself the next you come across this web site and wala your going through the same things as the other p.b. allergy folks are going through and you are getting educated and making new friends as well!!!!! see ya ~T~

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