Allergies & Asthma Can Severely Affect Quality of Life.....

Posted on: Wed, 05/11/2005 - 12:03am
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Attention News/Health Editors:

Allergies and asthma can severely affect quality of life for individuals and families
TORONTO, May 10 /CNW/ - AllergyExpo 2005 announced today that Dr. Stuart
Tousman of Rockford College in Chicago, will speak on the psychological impact
of allergies on families. Dr. Tousman will be referencing several studies that
show children and parents experience significant psychological issues related
to daily experiences of living with an uncontrolled chronic disease such as
asthma or life-threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis).
"The ever present possibility of being exposed to specific foods present
some very stressful challenges for families coping with allergies, as are the
lack of proper product labeling, restaurant warnings, as well as public and
institutional lack of understanding" said Peter Evans, CEO of AllergyExpo.
Dr. Tousman will speak on Friday, May 13, 2005 at the National Trade
Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, as part of the AllergyExpo 2005
Professionals Forum. AllergyExpo 2005 will also feature a large consumer event
opening Friday May 13th at 3pm, which runs all day Saturday, May 14 and Sunday
May 15.

Bill 3
The most extreme reactions to food allergies can be deadly. A well-known
case in Canada was that of 11-year old Sabrina Shannon's death following a
reaction to food she ate in her school cafeteria in Ottawa. New legislation -
"Bill 3" - is currently under review in the Ontario legislature which will
require all Ontario school boards to put into place specific policies and
communications for the benefit of children with allergies at school. In
attendance at AllergyExpo 2005 will be Dave Levac, MPP for Brant, who has led
the Bill 3 initiative in Ontario.

Allergies epidemic
With one in three Canadians suffering from at least one type of allergic
condition, and up to 40 to 50% of children in North America, Australia and
Western Europe developing some kind of allergic disease, allergies are
considered by many experts to be an epidemic in developing countries.
According to the Global Initiative for Asthma, Canada is ranked as the fifth
highest country for prevalence of asthma among adults. A March 2005 study by
the Asthma Society of Canada reveals a disturbingly low number of patients
have had a substantive conversation with a healthcare professional about their
asthma management. And fewer than half have been tested for allergies.
In response to this growing need for asthma education, the Asthma Society
of Canada will be setting up its new "Asthma Base Camp" (ABC) at AllergyExpo
2005 to offer free asthma testing and patient information provided by
qualified medical professionals. "The latest research reveals some major gaps
in patient education with respect to asthma, said Melva Bellefountaine,"
Director of Programs for the Asthma Society of Canada. "We need to look at
more innovative ways to engage and educate patients so we can help them manage
their disease more effectively."

About AllergyExpo(TM)
The inauguration of AllergyExpo(TM) in May 2005 in Toronto will mark a
North American first in consumer health. Day one of AllergyExpo(TM)2005 will
feature a program for physicians, allied health professionals, school boards,
government officials and food/consumer product manufacturers who have an
interest in this growing market. The event's exhibit floor from May 13-15 will
feature a diverse range of consumer products such as medications, specialty
foods, natural products, environmental, and household products designed for
allergic consumers.
AllergyExpo(TM)2005 is produced with the participation of Canada's
leading patient and medical associations such as Allergy/Asthma Information
Association, Anaphylaxis Canada, Association Quebecoise des Allergies
Alimentaires (Quebec Association of Food Allergies), Asthma Society of Canada,
Canadian Celiac Association, The Lung Association and the Canadian Society of
Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI).
For more information regarding AllergyExpo(TM)2005, visit
[url=""][/url] and subscribe to "AllergyExpo(TM) Updates," a monthly
e-newsletter providing updates regarding the full event schedule and speaker

AllergyExpo(TM) and the AllergyExpo(TM) logo are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Allergy Expo Inc. All other names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their. respective organizations.

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