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Allergies and flying

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I have an allergy for Nuts & Peanuts, in which i am most anaphylactic for nuts rather than peanuts As you will all know, this is quite a big deal when flying. I have once asked for the ingredients of a meal (just as prevention to know whether I could eat it or not) at the Cathay pacific cabin crew (with which i needed to make a stop over flight). When they knew I couldn't eat nuts and peanuts (so no allergic reaction whatsoever) they literally contacted the pilot and were completely histerical and almost wanted to make sort of an emergency landing. Next they forced me to visit a medic during the stopover just to check that I was carrying the appropriate medicines. (all happening because I just wanted to know whether I could eat something or not). On the way back of my journey (again with Cathay) they didn't just let me check in (I got blacklisted!!) but I needed to visit a doctor again!). So, I won't ever fly with Cathay again.

Now, I am about to fly from Amsterdam to Auckland NZ, which will take approx 24 hours. I'll be flying with Emirates & Quantas. Both only have meals that respect religions rather than serious medical conditions (which i find pretty insane). Concerning what happened at Cathay, should I bother to ask for some good meals for me, or will that put me on the quantas and emirates blacklist as well?! any advice on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanx in advance