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Has anyone tried the allergy kit? I had heavy metal poisoning and developed many allergies because of it. It took me so long to rid myself of heavy metals (12 years, the doctor didn't expect me to live), it depleted my immune system according to the doctor. I have tried everything. NEAT and all of the natural solutions I could find. A friend suggested The Allergy Kit so I did some research. I have not got rid of all of my allergies, but I am so much better. With each treatment that I do I feel stronger and my allergies don't bother me as much. What I like about it is that it is very inexpensive and I can do it at home. And if I have any questions the doctor is just a phone call away. What I have spent to rid myself of heavy metal poisoning was a fortune. If anyone else has tried The Allergy Kit please share your results.

By Chantel Donnan on May 15, 2013

I've never used the Allergy Kit, but most people I've spoken with about it are very skeptical. It's great that you had a good experience with it though!

It is important to note, however, that the Allergy Kit does not necessarially cure allergies. On the peanut allergy section of their website, it says this:

"We don't recommend that you go out and have peanuts after your treatment. But if you do, by mistake, you will have less or no reaction depending on whether your body has totally simulated the treatment. The Allergy Kit is good peanut insurance."

So even if you're willing to try out the kit for yourself or your child, make sure you are still very careful of what you eat, especially if you had a very severe allergy before.

Anyone have some firsthand experience to share?