Every summer, the local blue jays stockpile peanuts in the neighbourhood for the coming winter. Inevitably, some of these sprout and can be found growing like weeds in my back yard. A friend's son has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy - does anyone know if he could be allergic to these plants?

Thanks, W

PS - My friend's son's allergy seems to be quite severe. Is there any hope that his allergies may disappear as he grows, or at least become less severe?

On Aug 19, 2000

Kids like to romp around and you never know when someone'll take a tumble and land in the grass. Why take the chance? Pulling the plants out can only be seen as a wise precaution in my opinion.

I too would like to hear if anyone has outgrown a peanut allergy?

On Aug 21, 2000


I haven't heard or read of anything yet about people reacting to the actual peanut plant. Peanut shells, yes. I'm from Boston and I really don't have any idea what a peanut plant looks like. Is it green above the ground and the peanuts grow under the earth? Isn't it funny how I don't know!!! If your neighbor's son plays in your yard, I say remove the plants. Who needs the responsibility if something happens?

In regards to your second question: Yes, some people outgrow peanut allergies, but generally it is considered a life-long allergy (tree nuts, shellfish, and fish are the other ones). Current research is looking for a correlation between very low Ige levels (via RAST) and outgrowing this allergy. There are a few case reports that some people simply outgrow this allergy regardless of the levels. Skin prick tests and blood tests are not reliable indicators to see whether or not a person has outgrown an allergy. A double-blind, placebo food challenge is the only way a health care provider can detemine whether the allergy is gone or not.

On Aug 21, 2000

here's a drawing of a peanut plant: [url=""][/url]

more about the way the plant grows: [url=""][/url]

i'm now looking at [url=","],[/url] but i'm not sure i'll be able to find a picture.

there are pictures of peanut plant diseases: [url=""][/url]

just remember--a blighted plant may have misshapen leaves... some of the pics are fairly clear, though. the spots from blight result in discolored leaves, but i think it's easy enough to garner what the plant looks like (i do know what the plant looks like).


On Aug 22, 2000

Great links, Krasota! Thanks.