Allergic to legume family; what about chocolate?


My daughter is allergic to beans, peanuts, soy, so we have made the assumption that she is allergic to the whole legume family, including carob bean which eliminates all cholocate and other foods. Does anyone else have this set of allergies and do you also avoid chocolate?


On Oct 10, 2000

Can't say for certain. First off, check with your allergist or family doctor-there is no substitute for medical expertise. Also, you can email FAN [url=""][/url] I've gotten some great information from them including their position statement on informing classmates of food allergies and if oleic acid is safe for PA individuals.

What I do know, for certain, is that certain manufacturing processes destroy the proteins that cause reactions. Peanut oil is the best example (of course, there are people who react even to that). I do not know if we can make the same assumption of chocolate.

Good luck and keep us informed.

On Oct 10, 2000


My soon-to-be seven year old peanut allergic son is allergic to peas and chickpeas. He is very allergic to peanuts but the two legumes mentioned cause him to have local facial hives when eating just abit. He has no breathing difficulties after trying them but we still avoid most legumes. He regularly eats carob bean(in alot of products) and he has eaten Libby's brown beans without any trouble. I am aware he may develop an increased sensitivity to all legumes at any time but so far he only has to avoid peanuts, chickpeas and peas. It's always best to consult your allergist regarding your child's individual sensitivities and allergies to be on the safe side. Best of luck.

On Oct 10, 2000

My son is allergic to peanuts, soy, (milk), chickpeas and lentils, but not to other peas or beans. He eats chocolate with no problem. We have not tried carob because he has so many lentil allergies, but I think chocolate and carob are in different families.

A researcher at the FAN conference indicated that only 5% of food-allergic people have an allergy to more than one legume, but like you, we've been somewhat cautious because we seem to have so many problems with these. Also, my son's chick pea allergy developed just in the last year.

Were I you, I would try a test with chocolate, simply because it's an important "food group" for kids who already feel deprived. It's not like telling your kid he can't eat peas! LOL!