Mild Reaction?

Posted on: Sun, 09/28/2014 - 2:11pm
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I was just wondering if anyone else's child has a relatively mild reaction to peanuts? My son describes it as a sore throat (for reference, he said the time he had strep throat it hurt far worse than peanut).

No tightening, swelling, etc. Just that it hurts.

He regularly eats granola bars, m&m's, nestle's toll house chips in cookies, Hershey's chocolate, Kit Kat's and other things I know anaphylactic kids have to avoid. He eats food that is processed in facilities that process peanuts. We just strictly avoid things that actually DO contain peanut. Due to the granola bars, we know he's not allergic to coconut either, as that's an ingredient in one of his favorite kinds.

He says the pain is less now that when he was younger (he just turned 10). Peanut doesn't seem to cause any gastro upset. No other physical reactions at all - no hives, itching, swelling, etc.

He does have eczema (which is how the peanut was diagnosed, rather than eating it and having a reaction -- his allergist thought to test him and just see due to that). Also allergic to walnuts but not almonds (other tree nuts are unknown), shellfish (seems to be genetic, both my parents were allergic) and sesame.

It just seems a rather odd mixed bag of allergies and none of the violent reactions other kids seem to have. Does this indicate he just has a mild allergy and I should count myself lucky and move on? Any thoughts are appreciated!

Posted on: Wed, 10/01/2014 - 12:58am
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A person is either allergic to peanuts or they are not. Thisis one allergy where the "level or scale" does not matter. I have known of cases where a child who scored a 2 on the blood test had to go to the hospital and a child who scored a 5 has only gotten a couple of hives.
Anaphlaxis always looms and will wait for that unexpected moment. A sore throat is a sign that your son is anaphlactic. He may not have a severe reaction for years or hopefully never with proper precautions.
My daughter ate nutter butter cookies all the time, then after only sticking a piece of a peanut butter sandwich in her mouth and taking it out immediately... her lips started swelling up rapidly and her stomach hurt. The piece of PBnJ did not hardly touch her tongue.
With a peanut allergy it is always safe than sorry. Never underestimate and never assume the allergy is not serious. Peanut allergies are always serious. You do not need to panic, just care for you son as you would with any serious condition. :)

Posted on: Sun, 11/30/2014 - 1:57pm
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He should not eat peanuts,sesame or any nut at all. If his throat feels the way You described. The next reaction will get worse. My allergist says every time exposed to nuts,the next reaction will get worse. I hope the allergist gave you an epipen also. Your son should carry one every where!

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