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Hi Everyone! This site has been so helpful thank you! I have more questions - after yet another reaction - hopefully this won't be to long. Does anyone with anaphylatic PA/TNA also have anaphylatic to other foods or medications? If you know your specific allergies and you avoid them and still have a reaction what do you do? When do you use the Epi Pen? Do you use the Epi when you are first feeling the reaction (throat closing w /other symptoms) or do you wait. Does your allergist recommend the Epi Pen or just the avoidance of the items that you react to? After a reaction are you fearful to eat again? When you're completely prepared at the time of the reaction do you still feel unprepared? Do you feel comfortable during a reaction to just take benadryl and an inhaler? Sometimes when you think you have it all figured out and your prepared for a reaction then one happens and you realize that even when you do your best to educate yourself, call every manufacture and have all the right medications-- at the end of the day I wonder where this reaction came from and why did it happen. Seeing allergist again to see what caused this one. Thanks again!

On Oct 10, 2003

I am anaphylactic to pn, tn, sesame, and poppy seeds. When I was younger I was also anaphylactic to beef- fortunately I have completely outgrown this allergy! I had mild/ moderate allegries to eggs, dairy, chocolate, citrus, wheat, corn, and a bunch of other foods. I had a reaction to prilosec (broke in hives everywhere and probably would have progressed to ana. had I continued the medicine) and a very mild reaction to Zithromax (mild hives).

Depending on the severity of the actual reaction and your history of reactions, determine the treatment of the reaction (as directed by your doc). My anaphylactic reactions I used my epi right away. There is no time to play the

On Oct 10, 2003

My son has also had an anaphylactic reaction to Kiwi Fruit and chicken. His first reaction ever was to peanuts.