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Hi everyone! I have a question about this weird thing that has happened to my pa/ea son the last three days. his skin gets really red, then itchy and then little or big hives show up in that area. Today it was his thigh, yesterday his hands and the day before his calf... I gave benadryl and it cleared right up It has happened two times at our house and once at a store. any thoughts???

On Aug 28, 2006

Keeping in mind, I'm no doctor......

It could be a reaction - possibly to contact (touching something with his allergen). Is it possible he has developed a new allergy? (I always hate to ask that.)

Although, I also find that I tend to just get blotchy/itchy patches that I never figure out what (if anything) caused it. With me these things start red, get itchy, and may or may not develop into either a rash or hives that go away with benedryl.

On Aug 28, 2006

thanks annemarie, Its exactly how you described it, red then itchy and as far as i can tell hives. I spoke with his ped and they said treat as needed with benadryl. He has been on claritin but i stopped it last week when he had a stomach virus. they said to start it again and see if that helps... the joys of allergies!!!

On Aug 28, 2006

Since you said he had a stomach virus, I would think it could be viral hives. They're pretty common but can come and go for a long time.

Sorry he's suffering... Rebekah

On Aug 28, 2006

My daughter, PA/EA, also has excema and if she scractches an already irritated area then she can scratch herself into a hive. The allergist confirmed this. Maybe it's irritated then exsessive scratching developes the hive.

I use topical Benadryl cream and it goes away.

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On Aug 28, 2006

I also have this and no food allergies. The dermatologist said it is dermatitus. After you scratch it you get hives. Had this forever. Maybe it is the detergent. With me when I use scented detergent it gets worse. Benadryl makes it better but knockes me out.