allergic reaction?


I'm hoping you all can help me. My 8 year old peanut allergic and asthmatic son developed sudden onset lower abdominal cramping approximately 15 minutes after finishing dinner. We had spaghetti/meat sauce/garlic bread/carrots w/blue cheese and ranch dressing.

While he was in the bathroom he developed coughing, wheezing and "mucous clogging my throat." He looked pale and wanted to lie down. I was having a hard time distinguishing allergy vs. asthma. He has never had an anaphylactic reaction to peanut. His face swelled when he was one and touched a peanut butter sandwich to his face. He has been skin and RAST tested to peanut and is considered a category 5 peanut allergy. We have epi-pens for him.

Anyway, I gave him 2 tsp benadryl and back to back xopenex treatments. He responded fairly to this, but his wheezing and throat symptoms persisted and his peak flows were still in his red zone.

Does this sound allergic in nature to any of you? If so. . .what could have caused the reaction? We are completely peanut free at our house. I diligently read all labels. The pasta sauce I used last night was one I've never used before. The pasta and garlic bread had allergy disclaimers for wheat and milk.

Any input would be appreciated. . .

On Feb 5, 2004

Sorry for your sons reaction.

My dd recently reacted to a Pasta Sauce and to some Potato Chips. Both were supposedly safe but turns out they weren't.

It is really hard to keep up with manufactures and there changes.

On Feb 5, 2004

I have stopped using bottled pre-made pasta sauce. I just feel I can not trust it to be completley safe. I had some Classico pasta sauce, and although the label did have an allergy warning it was for soy and dairy, nothing on it about peanut/tree nut. So a gut feeling I decided to call before using it, they were very nice and said that if there would be any chance of cross contamination or allergy it *would* be listed. When I prodded her some more stating I needed to know without a doubt, including using the same lines as other products, she finally said, well we do make a pesto suace that uses pinenuts, but they make that the last run of the day and then clean all the equipment. I asked why there was no warning to that effect and she said they did not need to because of the cleaning process. Well if was enough for me to start making my own pasta sauces from scratch. Does your son have any known TNA? Is there a remote chance he could have reacted to the pasta sauce with that thought in mind? Just an idea? IMO is does sound like an allergic reaction of some sort. What about the blue chesse, let's face it, it is really just mold. Could he have reacted to that? Just some thoughts. I do hope ds is feeling better today.

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On Feb 6, 2004

Ewww, I am never eating blue cheese again!

What kind of pasta sauce was it that you used?

On Feb 6, 2004

What kind of pasta sauce was it that you used?[/B][/quote]

Francesco Rinaldi traditional w/meat sauce. The only "odd" ingredient I noted was sheep's milk. However he's eaten frozen ravioli/tortellini with sheep's milk as well. (It's a common ingredient in Italian cheeses like pecorino).

His allergist is going to RAST test him for sheep and goat's milk. I don't no though. . .it seems as though he would have shown a reaction the times he ate the frozen ravioli. . .