Allergic Reaction?


My husband took my son to story hour today. They had a special day today with a pinata and tortilla chips and salsa. My son ate the chips but not the salsa as it was spicy. My husband said that after they left the book store my son started coughing, rubbing his throat, and said, "Daddy, those chips made my tummy hurt." By the time he got home his eyes were a little puffy, he was still coughing, and scratching his head and neck. It was confirmed by the scratch test that he is allergic to peanuts and most tree nuts. I am going to call the allergist's office tomorrow and have them send me a list of everything that he was tested for (he was tested for at least 40 different things). I wonder (of course didn't read the label) if some are fried in peanut oil. He has eaten corn before and actually now that I think about it has eaten tortilla chips also. Do any of you know about tortilla chips?

On May 5, 2000

It sounds like an allergic reaction to me.. but i am not an expert!

On May 6, 2000

Have you called the book store to find out what type of chips they served? Maybe they still have a partial bag lying around that you could read the ingredients. If not, maybe whoever bought the chips will remember the brand and you can check it out at the store.

On May 6, 2000

I called the bookstore this afternoon and the brand name was On The Border (Cafe Style). I have never heard of this brand but I am just glad that nothing serious truly happened. My one friend whose daughter is anaphylactic to dairy said that he may not have had a full blown reaction because he is on Zyrtec. Could this stop him from having a full blown reaction?