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Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2000 - 9:58am
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Is there anyone out there with a peanut allergic child in Israel? Things were going smoothly with my 8 year old daughter until two weeks ago when her cooking teacher (who was informed of my daughter's allergy by me) decided to make peanut butter cookies, in their classroom no less. I teach at the same school, so I made sure that she didn't go anywhere near her classroom all day. I complained very loudly and clearly to the principal who said that that was my daughter's "personal problem". After saying " You know, that the reaction could be fatal" numerous times I said that there is no way she can return to the classroom until it is thoroughly cleaned. Well, cleaning desks and chairs is not in the cleaner's contract. Repeating "You know, this could be fatal" I ran from the janitor to the principal and back. The classroom got cleaned.
Everybody, especially my principal thinks I'm just hysterical. it's very frustrating. Israelis are totally unaware of the problem.


Posted on: Thu, 12/28/2000 - 11:53am
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IT sounds like you are really up against a problem. I have several Israeli and Persian friends (here in the US) and they agree that in their cultures especially, this is a big problem. I have one Persian friend whose son is not allergic to peanuts, but to tree nuts and sesame, and she has found her worst problems to be within her own family. Sesame and nuts are just so prevalent in their diet that they can't believe how dangerous they can be. Not to mention the whole political thing - allergies are just a blip on the radar (if you are not hte one dealing with it) when you have big time national problems.
I have no advice for you, just appreciation for what you are going thru. Good thing you work at the school.
Good luck!

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