Allergic child starting school


Hello everyone! I am new here, but not very new to dealing with peanut allergies; my now four year old daughter was diagnosed two years ago. I joined this group because I am getting nervous about my daughter starting kindergarten and the potential for a reaction there and I am also nervous about my two month old developing a food allergy. Interacting in this forum will hopefully make me feel a little better just because I know that you all "get it", unlike so many others who do not deal with this issue.

By jenniferbfab on Jun 30, 2009

Welcome, rebkremer.

My son is about to begin kindergarten as well. He just finished his first and only year of preschool. He loved it and we had no problems, thankfully. Elementary school is a little more scary to me because it is a larger, less controlled environment, We opted for half day specifically to put off having lunch at school as long as we could!

I am sure you'll find many people in similar situations here. Hope our company helps!

Jennifer B

By beli on Jul 5, 2009

jenniferfab, Thank you for the great info. I will look into it. Thanks again. beli

By jenniferbfab on Jul 4, 2009

There are a couple peanut free mom bloggers in CA who I bet would be more than happy to tell you about their experiences with a PA kindergartener: and Check out their blogs and shoot them an email--I think they both would be more than happy to share their experiences and any CA specific info.

Best, Jennifer B

By BestAllergySites on Jul 5, 2009


Thank you for your kind comments on my site.

I think you may have misunderstood. Life threatening allergies are a disability covered under disability law. This is not state by state but is federal law. The resource page I linked for you is a list of resources regarding how to deal with schools no matter what state you are in.

I encourage you to read the articles on the resource page titled "Entering School With Food Allergies" and "When do you need a care plan?"

There is also a listing on my site for a food allergy support group in San Diego. They may be able to point you to another group in your area.

No one here can tell you step by step what you need to do in your situation and at your school. Yes-your son can wear a med alert bracelet-many kids do, but he does not have to. That is up to you. That's the beauty of a care plan and working with the school.

Best of luck-any questions feel free to ask! Ruth

By beli on Jul 3, 2009

Your website is fabulous except there is no info for California. My son is starting K in September and I am also very scared. Does he have to wear a label? The school nurse did say he will be introduced to the cafe staff on the first day of school. I still do not feel any better about it. Oh, and it is a full day school. thanks

By BestAllergySites on Jun 30, 2009

Welcome rebkremer!

My son just finished kindergarten and I PROMISE you will survive! :)

I was so nervous and scared. We did full day which meant lunch in the cafe!! But I worked with the "resistant" school and managed to work out a great plan.

Start trying to work with your school now if you can. Get a care plan at minimum.

There's a ton of information here and I've also listed my experiences on my site with resources. Feel free to ask any questions on anything in particular or email me offline.

Best of luck! Ruth

By janeanneowen on Jul 16, 2009

rebkremer, Just want to say hello. I am in the same situation as you - not new to the allergy but getting nervous about my PA son starting Kindergarten.

Do you use Twitter? There is going to be a Twitter Party on July 23 called "Back to School" with food allergies.

Here's a link: (let me know if that doesn't work - and I am sure others can point you to the same place).

I "attended" the last twitter party and I found that it was helpful to see what others had to say. I learned and made some great contacts with others in my same situation.

Jane Anne

By janeanneowen on Jul 21, 2009

Ruth, I'll be there in some form or fashion. It may be hard to keep up b/c I have small children. By the way, on twitter I am "Gravity of Motion". That's the name of my blog, as well. Looking forward to the party. I love the Twitter topic for the party - very, very timely. Jane Anne

By BestAllergySites on Jul 16, 2009

Jane Anne,

Thanks for the mention of the Twitter party. But more importantly-I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

For those that don't have or use twitter-you can sign up for an account for free. Or, you can follow along with the party without using twitter-you just can't post a question or response.

Thanks again Jane Anne-hope to see your tweet on 7/23!