All the Lists!!!


Hi, All!

Is anyone else getting MORE confused by all the "lists of safe foods"? I know we're all just trying to help each other, but, a lot of people list things that I would not consider safe. I have pointed this out a few times, but it's getting to be a regular occurance. Should I keep bringing it up, or just let it go? I'm thinking about the new people, especially. They usually ask about safe foods first off.

An example is something like potato chips (just picking one off the top of my head). Some brands are OK, but some are not. In the instances I've seen chips mentioned, there has been no distinction made. Maybe the poster just assumes everyone reads the labels every time - as we all should. Again, what about the newer people, and those coming here for advice because they have a PA child in their child's class?

Is it just me - or maybe it's just my mood today. [img][/img]

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On Sep 25, 2001

Lam: no it is not just you, it is all these lists making us crazy! They are being posted on every thread possible. I would like to suggest that we need one central place to post about these "safe food lists". I have seen them in 4 different places today. However, I too, have my own "safe food list" and always state that it is subject to change and that all packages ingredient listings must be read each and every time a product is purchased!!!! All of our comfort levels are different in reference to PA and I think that we must realize this when sharing lists.

I am very specific when it comes to my list. I also appreciate other peoples lists since they give me new ideas and then I just do my own research on the product to decide if I feel it is safe for my child. I do agree with you that we need a way to organize the sharing of these lists and when doing so, try to be as detailed and specific with our information. We should always try to include the manufacturer name, contact info, web address etc. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

On Sep 26, 2001

I agree. It would be nice to have a central place for just this kind of information. It's pretty scattered around right now. I would especially like to see all the threads already started also included in the new place, but I doubt that would be possible.

I do apologize for any 'tone' in my first post. Yesterday was not a good day. Today is better. [img][/img] Although, I'm not guaranteeing (?) my thinking is any clearer today. [img][/img]

On Sep 26, 2001

I wish that this website would provide two "safe lists," one for Americans and one for Canadians, and update them regularly. There could be a disclaimer recommending that everyone contact the companies directly to verify that the items are safe ... that way wouldn't be responsible for incorrect info.

As someone who's new to peanut allergy (my 14-month-old son was just diagnosed a few weeks ago) I would like to have such a list as a starting point. I could use it to get ideas of what might be safe, then go from there. Our allergist told us about the peanut allergy, then sent us home without specific info. I didn't know if I could keep feeding Tim his Cheerios, Ritz crackers, and cereal, and didn't know how to find out. (Thank goodness I found this site. Now, I've been calling manufacturers and stuff to find out.)

I've made my own list from posts on various boards and from the info I've obtained by calling companies. It has "safe" (including Cheerios, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Ritz plain crackers, plain goldfish), "may be safe--call" (graham crackers), "probably not safe" (Keebler crackers and Girl Scout cookies), and "unsafe" (M&Ms) items.

It would be very helpful, though, if everyone here could share what they believe to be safe or unsafe.

On Sep 26, 2001

It has occured to me that the Manufacturers forum is probably the place to put "all the lists!" I'm sure that's where they're meant to be put, but sometimes someone needs a list for school, so it goes under school - understandable, etc...

To try to explain my first point a bit better... I just got a little frustrated last night when I was reading through the recent postings and found that there were several that had foods listed that just weren't what I would consider explained well enough. Again, the chips example. A blanket statement of "chips are safe" does not have enough information. The more specific, the better. I worry that a person new to the site may just take away that blanket statement, and not check the label. A PA parent or individual probably would, but what about those non-PA parents who check in here to get a list of safe foods for the PA child in their child's class?

Again, sorry if there is a 'tone' here - there is not meant to be - just concern.