I think I read somewhere that alcohol can cause a peanut reaction to be worse.

I wondered this before I read it, as my only life-threatening reaction came after I had a (my first) very small sip of sake (Japanese rice wine). But, I guess I probably had more peanut protein than I ever had before, too. Not sure because it was supposed to only be flavoring...

On Oct 4, 2001

Yes it definitely worsens a PA reaction. I can't find the material to post exactly why this is, but I read it in the latest newsletter issued by Anaphylaxis Canada. Perhaps alcohol makes the stomach lining more permeable to the allergen, so more protein gets absorbed into the system.

A reaction can also be much worse if one exercises after eating the allergic food. The same food can be eaten many times, causing at most a mild reaction, but after any form of exercise the reaction can become anaphylactic with the same amount of protein as previously ingested.