Alaska Airlines


For those of you dealing with PA on the west coast, beware of Alaska Airlines!

Despite 2 phone calls in advance to confirm our flight would be peanut-free and tree nut-free, we arrived at the airport and were told Alaska Air had no such notation in their computer system. A conscientious, sympathetic gate agent (Jodi)told me that there were peanuts ground into the carpet of the plane, on the seats, etc. and she had a supervisor on the way to help. (At least she grasped the seriousness of our situation.) The supervisor showed up, heard me out, and had the plane vaccuumed before boarding (which meant we were delayed considerably.) I don't blame our fellow passengers for being annoyed about the delay, but I could have done without their comments like "Are you folks the reason we're late?" ("No, that's Alaska's fault!") and "Can't your daughter wear a mask?" ("Sure, but how do you tell a 5 year old that she can't talk, eat, or drink for over 2 hours?") The flight attendant told me that dessert was some kind of nut bar and asked if they should serve it. I told her no, and she said "But then we'll have to take them off ALL of the meal trays!" (They threw the dessert away after I offered to help.) This was by far our worst flight experience to date.

But unfortunately, this wasn't a one-time glitch in Alaska's system. I calmed down for a few days before I contacted Alaska Air to complain about our trip and to insure that our flight home would be peanut and tree nut-free. A reservations supervisor named Rob seemed surprised that other airlines had honored our requests for peanut-free flights; he even asked for the names of other carriers who've accommodated us!

I called Alaska's corporate office the next day and was assured that our flight would be peanut/tree nut free. They would quickly vaccuum the cabin at the gate before we boarded; there would be a special note for the manager at the gate instructing him to do so. And because our first flight was so poorly handled, we were upgraded to first class at no charge. I said I would be happy to fly coach just so long as the plane was safe for our daughter.

We called the day of our flight to make sure it was peanut/tree nut free. We were told it was. The agent at the ticket counter told us that our request had been entered multiple times so there should be no confusion.

When we boarded the plane, however, there were nuts plainly visible on the floor around the seats and NO RECORD of our request for a peanut/tree nut free flight. The flight attendants were shocked and had a "resolution officer" in the cabin within minutes. Once again Alaska Air failed to relay this information to their flight and gate crews. The solution we agreed upon was to vaccuum the first class section and not serve any nuts during the flight. I was in tears by this point and apologized to those around us who had to disembark while the plane was cleaned. A flight attendant came up to me during the flight and told me they wouldn't serve the PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES that Alaska Air inexplicably selected for dessert on our flight! (The flight attendants were great about it; too bad they weren't told!)

I'm posting in this forum first so others with PA flying on Alaska Airlines anytime soon will be alerted to the gaping holes in their system. We were told things that weren't true. We'll deal with Alaska later; we just want you to stay safe in the meantime.